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By Michelle Malkin  •  January 4, 2006 10:50 PM

Chuck Holton was there and blogged his thoughts. Read it.

Hat tip: Kathy Shaidle and Blogs4God

Update: Instapundit has more.

And the always astute The Anchoress concludes:

Last night, while politics seemed far away from the awful scene in West Virginia – and we hope, for once, it remains so – too many members of the fourth estate fueled up, once again, on the bad gas of emotionalism. Last night, in the process of once again jumping the gun, of forfeiting substance for sensationalism, of demonstrating that they simply no longer believe that anything they say actually has to be true as long as it “feels” right, the press threw standards out the door. Last night, hope was shattered, hearts were broken.

“Oops?” The press tries again, softly, grasping. “Wouldja believe miscommunications?”

Trust has been betrayed. The public trust is upended. Whether the press means to destroy their credibility, as when they – incessantly – try to rig up a case for impeachment against a president who seems to be dotting all of his i’s and crossing his t’s, or they do it by accident, as they did last night, it is becoming increasingly difficult to want to go for a ride in the press’ big car. More and more frequently, they seem to be running on the cheapest, and most unstable, flammable sort of gasoline.

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