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By Michelle Malkin  •  February 11, 2006 10:28 PM

Medpundit reports on a new front in the Cartoon Jihad–smack dab in Middle America. One of my favorite editorial cartoonists, the Akron Beacon Journal’s Chip Bok, has now raised the ire of the Council on American Islamic Relations for taking a jab at CNN’s ridiculous cartoon pixelation policy:


Via Creators Syndicate

Despite the fact that the obvious target of the cartoon is CNN, not Islam, local Muslims are crying about their hurt feelings:

The editorial cartoon has prompted several letters in response. Also on Friday afternoon, there was a demonstration outside of the newspaper’s East Exchange Street building.

At Friday’s news conference at the Islamic Society of Akron & Kent in Cuyahoga Falls, the speakers were passionate.

A.R. Abdoulkarim, Amir of the Akron Masjid, applauded newspapers that decided against running the cartoons, but condemned those who did. The Beacon Journal, he said, was in a class of its own.

“They take the prize for being the most ill-intended, irresponsible property group,” he said. “Allah curses and condemns them and every Muslim in this community should curse and condemn them.”

Julia A. Shearson, director of Ohio’s Council of American-Islamic Relations, said they want the Beacon Journal to apologize for running the “unethical” cartoon and want the paper to publish their letters to the editor.

Medpundit notes that other religious leaders are backing the clowns at CAIR:

[T]he most disappointing aspect of the whole ginned up controversy is the intellecutally lazy acquiescence of religious leaders of all faiths from the region. A rabbi is quoted in the newspaper. On Bok’s blog, many of the irate commentors describe themselves as mainline Protestant leaders who are saddened that their “long years of hard work” have been ruined by this cartoon. (They all use the same phrase, coincidentally.) We expect hyperbole from activist interest groups like CAIR, but it’s a sad day when men and women who pride themselves in reason and understanding let themselves be used like this to promote hatred and intolerance.

Yes, CAIR thrives thanks to these useful idiots.

Read some of the unhinged and clueless comments at Bok’s blog.

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