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By Michelle Malkin  •  February 13, 2006 05:40 PM

Robert Spencer blows the whistle on a vile art exhibit in Milan that “has illustrated once again the deep affinity between the Left and the forces of the global jihad.”

In these days of Muslims the world over calling for the deaths of those who have “insulted Islam,” anyone who wants to see Oriana Fallaci beheaded need look no further than the Galleria Luciano Inga-Pin in Milan, which is exhibiting Giuseppe Veneziano’s “American Beauty” from January 19 through March 18. This is a series of paintings designed to highlight the “weakness and perversity of the ‘American way of life.’”


More info on the art exhibit here.

The American Thinker comments: “Fallaci faces trial in Italy for defaming Islam, but apparently the artist, whose work could well be interpreted as incitement to violence, faces no such liability.”

Such are the double standards…

Needless to say, none of Fallaci’s supporters have threatened suicide bombings across Italy, burned down the art exhibit, or cast fatwas on the painter.

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