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By Michelle Malkin  •  February 24, 2006 02:46 PM

***update: video of Hitchens’ speech at Expose the Left…courtesy of Age of Hooper, which has more photos…more video here…***

Instapundit has photos of the pro-Denmark gathering at the Danish Embassy convened by journalist Christopher Hitchens this afternoon. Looks like there was a great turnout.

Lovely photo spread over at Vital Perspective.

Blogger Greg Tinti was also there with camera and reports:

The mood of the event was unbelievably positive and all the signs and banners were nothing but respectful. People came to express their solidarity with Denmark and support free speech and that’s exactly what they did. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and met some great people too.

Greg estimates there were about 200 people and a lot of media. A few of his photos:

Hitchens addressed the rally

Made with LEGOs!

Bill Kristol was there.

Lots more.

Wonkette’s David Lat has more pics…and requisite snark.

Marc G. posts a photo of Hitchens and Andrew Sullivan at Flickr.



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