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Tar Heel terrorist: "eye for an eye"

By Michelle Malkin  •  March 7, 2006 10:05 PM

The search warrant in the case of UNC-Chapel Hill Muslim revenge plotter Mohammed Taheri-azar was released today. WRAL, which has provided solid ongoing coverage, reports:

A man who admits that he intentionally plowed into nine people on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus last week told authorities he was disappointed that more people were not around when he carried out the attack. In a search warrant released Tuesday, Mohammed Taheri-azar also told authorities that for two years, he had been thinking about some type of attack because “the United States government had been killing his people across the sea.”

Taheri-azar said he had been carefully planning Friday’s attack for two months and had rented the Jeep Cherokee that he drove on campus so that he could “run over things and keep going.”

According to the warrant, Taheri-azar also told authorities he had been armed with pepper spray and a knife in the event that he was threatened or trapped.

Read the search warrant yourself.

And among the items seized from Taheri-azar’s apartment:

Two Navy SEAL videotapes
An application for a gun permit in Orange County

I repeat: Can we call this terrorism yet? Or do we settle for the MSM dubbing this just another isolated incident of a lonely, misguided youth?


More blog coverage: Mary Katherine Ham and The Anchoress

Jason Smith: Why isn’t it a hate crime?



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