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By mmguestblogger  •  March 31, 2006 04:49 PM

(Updated below with video)
(Updated below with link to Glover/Belafonte video)

You knew it was coming. Ace certainly did.

She alleges, through her lawyer, that her real crime was “being in Congress while black.”

I’ll try to have video later of her press conference with Danny Glover. Meanwhile, this morning’s post is here.

UPDATE: An obligatory flashback. Just for context.

UPDATE: You can watch live here at 5:30. (Use IE.) Meanwhile, here’s a statement on McKinney’s website, and here’s a statement which, according to WSBTV.com, McKinney was thinking of publishing on her website — before deciding not to.

UPDATE: Couldn’t get audio on the webcast, but luckily Fox News was on the case. Short but sweet:

Click for video

Read the two statements linked in the previous update. Especially the second one, which sounds like the sort of thing she would have said at the presser if her lawyers hadn’t shut her up.

UPDATE: Ace reads the charging instrument through Cynthia McKinney’s eyes.

UPDATE: Bareknuckle Politics has video of Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte expressing solidarity with McKinney. But then, expressing solidarity with violent “progressives” is what they do best.

UPDATE: Danny Glover distances himself from Danny Glover.

UPDATE: And you thought “race card” was just a metaphor. Platinum, too!

UPDATE: Captain Ed notes a report from WSBTV that another Congresswoman, Juanita Millender-McDonald, “intervened” after McKinney’s run-in with the cop by having a chat with the sergeant-at-arms. Why is that potentially interesting? Because Millender-McDonald happens to be a member of the House committee that oversees … the sergeant-at-arms and Capitol police. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Millender-McDonald denies that she intervened on McKinney’s behalf. According to her spokesman, Congressman Mel Watt and a staffer from Speaker Hastert’s office were also present during her call with the sergeant-at-arms.

But here’s something else interesting from the Hill article:

All entrances to the Capitol complex are monitored by security video, evidence that, when released, could lend support to one side or the other in the rapidly escalating incident.

UPDATE: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has new details:

Several Capitol police officials have said the officer involved asked McKinney three times to stop. When she did not, he placed a hand on her and she hit him, they said.

A statement from McKinney’s office said the officer “body-blocked” her during the incident. But Michael Raffauf, an Atlanta attorney representing McKinney, said she had not seen or approved the statement, and that it had been issued by mistake.

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