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By Michelle Malkin  •  April 5, 2006 09:20 AM

Lorie Byrd’s proposal for NBC at Polipundit:

I wonder if they would consider sending a professor wearing an “I Love W” button and an American flag pin into the faculty lounge at Harvard or some other liberal ivory tower with a hidden camera. I would love to see that experiment. I can’t imagine anyone at NBC doing that one. Maybe John Stossel at ABC, though?

Reader Adam L.:

Perhaps when I get back from deployment, you can follow me around Seattle and see how I get treated wearing my Navy uniform.

Via Instapundit (read the entire post with updates):

[R]eader Eric Hall offers a new assignment: “Dateline NBC ought to take some Christian-looking people to Riyadh and see how things work out. Don’t forget the bikini-clad sister.”

Damian Penny: : “Next up: NBC is going to try sneaking Bibles into Saudi Arabia. Yeah, right.”

Reader Ed:

Why don’t you set up some white guy with hidden cameras, put a George Bush T-Shirt on him and have him walk down a street in Pakistan. Or, better yet, have him walk down a street in Detroit. I’ll just bet you could get a lot of bigoted reactions.

Send your sting ideas to dateline-at-nbc.com


Beth at My Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy:

* Wear a pro-life t-shirt to a Women’s Studies class.
* Wear a Halliburton company polo shirt to the Kos Kidz annual blogmeet.

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