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The signs you didn’t see…

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 11, 2006 12:14 PM

…on the front pages of the NYTimes and Washington Post:

From James Hudnall


From Robert Bluey in Washington, the translation is: “Open the door or I’ll break the window”…


From Bryan Preston’s Texas correspondent, the requisite Nazi smears…



Three from Allah Pundit in NY…first up, the lead singer of the open borders band “Outernational” wearing a t-shirt that reads “AMERICA IS SCARY”…


…next, a cozy merger of open borders Jihadists, reconquistas, and Socialists…


…last from Allah Pundit, a revealing look at the real agenda of NYC protesters. It’s not just about amnesty for peaceful “undocumented workers.” It’s about sabotaging U.S. immigration policy and stopping immigration enforcement against anyone


And Mary Katherine Ham snapped this expression of gratitude for America in D.C.


Now, back to your regularly scheduled MSM open borders propaganda…


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