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By Michelle Malkin  •  April 12, 2006 12:19 PM

My syndicated column today follows up on Steve White, the creepy science teacher and Democrat state representative candidate in Alabama who showed his students that insipid “A–hole” video. Intro:

Last month, the unhinged government school teacher of the month award went to Jay Bennish — a left-wing, anti-war screecher/teacher who used his high school world geography class in the Denver area as a Bush-bashing bully pulpit.

This month, the leading nominee is one Steve White. Like Bennish, this public school teacher reportedly strayed far from his core subject — he’s an eighth grade science teacher in Alabama — in order to subject his students to his flaming, anti-war, anti-conservative views…

There are already some new developments since I filed the column. White is now on leave. And the Decatur Daily reports today that a parent told officials his daughter was shown a photo of a “half-naked” woman in a bikini in White’s science class:

An eighth-grade science teacher at West Limestone High School and candidate for state office is on administrative leave.

School officials are investigating allegations that he did more than show a derogatory Internet film of President Bush and his administration that repeated a vulgar word.

Mike Bloodworth said his daughter told him she not only saw the Bush film, but also saw an Internet photo of a “half-naked woman” in a University of Alabama bikini in Steve White’s science class.

“By no means do I approve,” Bloodworth said. “And the classroom is not a place for a political stand. He needs to find a new job or be told to find a new job.”

White has qualified to run for District 4 state representative, which includes portions of Limestone and Morgan counties. He has qualified as a Democrat for the seat that Micky Hammon, R-Decatur, now holds.

Probate Judge Mike Davis said Tuesday that White still is on the primary election ballot.

White has not returned phone or e-mail messages…

Hammon said the public complaints forced school officials to address the situation with a more proper punishment.

On Tuesday, Limestone Superintendent Barry Carroll said White now is on administrative leave. Carroll said he received a call from a concerned parent Friday who made additional allegations against White. Carroll would not give details about those allegations, pending the outcome of the investigation.

Carroll did say the allegations were related to items on the Internet that White allegedly showed students on his computer this year. He said these allegations are separate from the Bush film. He would not say if the investigation includes a search of files on White’s school computer…

…Carroll said Tuesday that the administration wrote a letter of reprimand to White for showing the film and placed it in his personnel file. The letter stated that if this conduct occurred again, “more serious disciplinary action would be taken.”

He said White, who has taught for 10 years, has no prior reprimands in his file.

When Carroll received additional allegations Friday, he placed White on two days administrative leave. Carroll, who was out of town earlier this week, said he will meet with White today to discuss the investigation.

“After a thorough investigation is completed, we will decide the appropriate action to be taken,” Carroll said.

Expose the Left has video of Hammon’s appearance on Fox News Channel’s Hannity & Colmes discussing the case.

Here’s the West Limestone HS mission statement:

West Limestone teachers, administrators, parents, and community will share the responsibility for making sure the students’ learning needs are the primary focus of all decisions that impact the work of the school. West Limestone’s primary purpose is to ensure that each student acquires the skills to meet his/her true potential. We will guide students to a positive character development and provide a safe, structured, and academically challenging environment.

Contact info here.



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