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By Michelle Malkin  •  April 28, 2006 08:12 AM

***scroll for updates…Mexican govt supports the strike…***

Courtesy of an inside tipster at the LA Unified School District, I’ve obtained documents showing the public school teachers and officials’ plans in advance of the Monday illegal alien boycott. (Click on each page for full-size PDF).

The teachers’ union (UTLA – United Teachers of Los Angeles) gives out obligatory warnings not to abandon the classroom without a good excuse–wink-wink, nudge-nudge–and then voices its opposition for the Sensenbrenner immigration enforcement bill. The warning wraps up with endorsement of pro-illegal alien activities taking place Monday afternoon.




Meanwhile, the school superintendent begs teachers not to join the walkout…


…and begs parents to try and persuade their children to come to class and express their opinions at school, where “instructional material” have already been prepared. I’m sure they present both sides fairly. So sure.



Meanwhile, another tipster sends a bizarre message from the radical ethnic separatists of La Voz de Aztlan. Take a look:

From: la-voz-de-aztlan-admin@aztlan.net
To: la-voz-de-aztlan@aztlan.net
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2006 20:27:37 -0700
Subject: [La Voz de Aztlan] URGENT ALERT: From The Revolutionary Council and Provisional Government of Aztlan

Dear La Voz de Aztlan Subscribers:

We have received the following communique from the
Minister of Information of the Nation of Aztlan. We rarely
receive any communiques from the “Revolutionary Council
and Provisional Government of Aztlan” so we must assume
that it is of upmost importance. We urge that you carefully
consider the information that it contains. Please pass this
to others in your network!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

URGENT ALERT: From The Revolutionary Council and
Provisional Government of Aztlan

April 26, 2006

Estimada Raza de Aztlan and Beyond,

Our Director of Special Intelligence Services has brought
to our attention disturbing information that threatens the
safety of our families. This information requires that we
prepare a defense strategy to protect our communities.

Due to the recent large demonstrations of our people in
major cities in occupied Anahuac, extremist European
invaders are preparing violent actions against us.
They are expected to use physical violence in the upcoming
marches and rallies planned for May 1, 2006 and we must
take steps to protect our families.

The Director of Special Intelligence Services has reliable
information that anti-Mexican forces in Aztlan and in
certain other area of Anahuac, are preparing to utilize
explosives and snipers to kill our people. We urge our
community to arm themselves to protect our families. We
are also urging our soldiers presently serving In Iraq,
Afghanistan and other foreign lands to do everything
possible to return home and fight for your own. The
situation here is critical.

In addition, all political prisoners shall be in constant
alert and ready for action. Also, youth groups in our
barrios shall call truces and direct their energies against
the racist enemy that has vowed to annihilate our families.

Our Prime Minister is instructing every able bodied male to
arm himself to protect the women and children in his home.
We can not depend on local White law enforcement
authorities because in many cases they will join the
criminal elements and participate in the slaughter of our
people. Make sure you have weapons and plenty of
ammunition in your homes at the ready.

Criminal racist elements have already made death threats
against certain “occupation administrators” and they will
not stop at killing our civilians. We hope that the
massacres of Mexicans that the White criminals have vowed
to undertake are just the rantings of cowardly insane minds
but we must take these threats seriously.

Minister of Information
Nation of Aztlan
La Voz de Aztlan


The Spanglish-ized national anthem that I have been blogging about all week got some attention from AP. They contacted me for the story, but I just didn’t have time to get back to them yesterday. Mark Krikorian and Bryanna Bevens did a fine job schooling the reporter:

Some Internet bloggers and others are infuriated by the thought of “The Star-Spangled Banner” sung in a language other than English.

“Would the French accept people singing the La Marseillaise in English as a sign of French patriotism? Of course not,” said Mark Krikorian, head of the Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies, a think tank that supports tighter immigration controls.

The initial version of “Nuestro Himno,” or “Our Anthem,” comes out Friday and uses lyrics based closely on the English-language original, said Kidron, who heads the record label Urban Box Office.

Pro-immigration protests are planned around the country for Monday, and the record label is urging Hispanic radio stations nationwide to play the cut at 7 p.m. EDT Friday in a sign of solidarity.

A remix to be released in June will contain several lines in English that condemn U.S. immigration laws. Among them: “These kids have no parents, cause all of these mean laws … let’s not start a war with all these hard workers, they can’t help where they were born.”

Bryanna Bevens of Hanford, Calif., who writes for the immigration- focused Web magazine Vdare.com, said the remix particularly upset her.

“It’s very whiny. If you want to say all those things, by all means, put them on your poster board, but don’t put them on the national anthem,” she said.

You can listen to the new version of our national anthem at Hot Air.


Related: Drudge headlined a story out of Sacramento last night noting that the California Senate gave two-thumbs up to the scheduled May 1 “strike” by illegal aliens and their advocates pushing for amnesty.

Via Jason Smith, California Democrats plan to walk out of the Assembly to show solidarity with the illegal alien strike…and they want taxpayers to cover them.

Monday is going to be a very interesting day.


Update: Another tipster e-mails…

I heard from a friend of mine who’s family lives in Mexicali, Baja
California Mexico that Mexican authorities are shutting down the border
in Mexicali on May 1st so that people who live there would not go to
California casinos on that day. Apparently lots of tour buses go back
and forth. If that is the case, then the Mexican government has joined
the protest.

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