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By Michelle Malkin  •  April 30, 2006 08:19 PM

Have you been reading the advance coverage of tomorrow’s May 1 Illegal Alien Strike Day? “Mainstream” journalists are dutifully playing stenographers for the open-borders lobby. Check out the Dallas Morning News, which might as well turn over the presses to the boycott organizers and go home:

Dallas area protests and rallies

In addition to an all-day consumer boycott planned Monday by backers of immigration reform, several other related events are planned in the Dallas area:

12:00 p.m.: A protest in front of Sen. John Cornyn’s office at 5005 LBJ Freeway
4:30 p.m.: A rally in front of Dallas City Hall
4:30 p.m.: A student rally in Kiest Park in Dallas
6:30 p.m.: A rosary in front of the JFK Memorial in downtown Dallas

Boycott guidelines

The committees coordinating Monday’s labor stoppage and economic boycott to press Congress to approve immigration reform legislation have issued guidelines for those who participate:

Don’t go to work if you can take the time off.
Ask your employer before Monday whether he or she can allow you to take a sick day or a vacation day or an off day on that day.
If you cannot miss work, try to wear white or a white ribbon or arm band in support of the National Day of Action. If that isn’t allowed, don’t put your job at
Students should go to school, but they are encouraged to write letters to Congress expressing their views on immigration reform.
Drivers are encouraged to drive with their lights on during the day in support of immigrants.
Emergency personnel and teachers are exempt from the labor stoppage because of the critical nature of their work.

The Dallas paper even provides a detailed map for readers!



In order to provide fair and balanced coverage, I am reprinting protest information for pro-immigration enforcement groups holding demonstrations and events tomorrow to oppose amnesty–because I suspect the Dallas Morning News, the NYTimes, AP, and the Washington Post won’t have the time or room to include these. Click “Read more” for detailed list, descriptions, and contact information.

Spread the word.


More events listed at F/R.

And via Pajamas Media, check out the “You don’t speak for me” press conference tomorrow:

Members of “You Don’t Speak for Me” include a cross section of the Hispanic American community: lawyers, doctors, teachers, scientists, former government and military officials, who are immigrants and children of immigrants, such as: Pete Nunez (former Assistant Secretary of Treasury, & U.S. Attorney for San Diego), Col. Al Rodriguez, Ret., a highly decorated war veteran, Claudia Spencer, Ogla Robles, Rosa Candaleria, Mariann S. Davis, Esq. and more…

WHAT: Press Conference/Media Briefing of Hispanic Coalition “You Don’t Speak for Me.” Topics discussed will be: Illegal Immigration, supporting strong border enforcement and no amnestia!

WHEN: 10 a.m. Monday May 1

WHERE: National Press Club, Murrow Room 529 14th Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20045

More events here.


Morgan City Wash Illegal Immigration Area Cleanup Project
Saturday, May 20, 2006
8:00 AM until Sunset.
Location: Morgan City Wash (Highway 74, approximately 0.6 mi. West of milepost 18, approximately 1.5 miles West of Lake Pleasant)

Minutemen will clean up a major lay-up area found just West of Lake Pleasant in Maricopa County, NW of Phoenix. This is described as one of the largest lay-ups seen to date. This is your invitation to come join with Minutemen and other volunteer organizations that day in hopes to clean up our spectacular deserts. Your help is greatly appreciated.

This area has been devastated with garbage left from an illegal immigration, coyote smuggling operation. The land is U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) controlled, and the BLM is in full cooperation with this event. BLM has been able to clean up approximately 40% of the debris, and is now depleted of funds to pay for workers to finish the area. Our event is planned to complete the cleanup. BLMt has agreed to supply the following for the cleanup: contractor supplied dumpsters, garbage bags, porta potties, lunches, and workers comp coverage for all volunteers.

For more information, please contact the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps:
Email: AzCactus@aol.com
Telephone: 520) 829-3112


Ongoing Day Labor Site Protests in Phoenix
ongoing protests (please contact organizer for dates/times of upcoming protests)
36th Street and Thomas Road
Phoenix, Arizona

Protests are held weekly on Saturdays in the morning (8 to 11), HOWEVER please contact the organizers to confirm a particular date and time. Protest law breaking employers that create the incentive for illegal immigrants to come to the U.S. by attending a rally at an illegal worker pick-up location. Signs are provided, and we will not stop until the city addresses this huge “day laborer” problem.

For more information, please contact:
Email: nesium55@hotmail.com


Ongoing Day Labor Site Protests in Mesa, Arizona
weekly protests every Tuesday morning from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.
Broadway Road and Mesa Drive
Mesa, Arizona

Please join the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps volunteers at their weekly protests to bring attention to the appalling day labor situation in Mesa. Volunteers carry signs such as “Hiring Illegals Is Illegal” and “Mayor Hawker, Do Your Job,” plus American flags. Our goal is to continue photographing and reporting contractors who pick up day laborers until the mayor takes action to clean up his city.

For more information, please contact:
Email: PJOMAL@aol.com



Qualcom Stadium (parking area)
San Diego, California
Friday, April 28, 2006
3 pm to 6 pm

Radio talk show host Roger Hedgecock is organizing this event. Set up starts at 2 p.m. Join us for a live radio broadcast and participate (as an employer or as someone looking for work) in the process of putting Americans to work. Bring the family, bring flags, banners, enthusiasm, the English language and your Patriotism. And please notice that we’ve scheduled this event after school hours. Kids can come with you and not miss the education that is required to become an employable American. Additionally, Hire American Day folds into a weekend event at the stadium aimed at letting young workers know about the promise of a future in San Diego construction. A large number of firms will be exhibiting and seeking employees. AMERICAN EMPLOYEES!! Learn more about the Construction Expo at http://www.expo4construction.com. There will be plenty of parking available at the stadium, and there will be free food and drinks. Many groups (including the National Guard) will participate and offer help and resources for employers to find qualified American workers.

For more information, please contact:
Email the Producer of Roger Hedgecock’s Show: jimmyv@adnc.com
or USA Border Alert at: WanderingStar48@aol.com
KOGO 600 AM (San Diego) Website: http://kogo.com/
USA Border Alert website: http://www.USABorderAlert.com


Feet to the Fire: Rep. Susan Davis
Saturday, April 29, 2006
9:30 – 12 Noon
Normal Heights Community Center, 4649 Hawley Blvd. (between Adams and El Cajon Blvds. & Hwys. 8 and 805)
San Diego, California

The time has come to hold our sellout politicians feet to the fire and give them a piece of OUR mind! Congresswoman Susan Davis of San Diego was one of two sellout Congressional politicians who pandered to the 50K illegals who marched through our streets demanding the right to vote. Rep. Davis also maintains an utterly deplorable border security record.

She also voted against HR4437, the “Border Protection, Anti-Terrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005.” Come on down and let her know how you feel about her selling out OUR country!!!

For more information, please contact:
E-mail: WanderingStar48@aol.com
Website: http://www.sandiegoborderalert.com/


Los Angeles Secure our Borders Rally
Saturday, April 29, 2006
(exact time and location to be announced)
Los Angeles, California
Ted Hayes of the Crispus Attucks Minuteman Brigade will stage a march/rally. Please contact event organizers for futher information.

For more information:
Email: Robin@firecoalition.com


No Amnesty Rally
Monday, May 1, 2006
10:30am – 1:30pm
Santa Ana City Hall, 20 Civic Center Drive
Santa Ana, California 92701

This rally is for patriots to support no amnesty, enforcement of our current immigration laws and securing our borders! Bring the biggest American flags that you can! Please participate, even if just for your lunch hours. We will be meeting on the sidewalk at the Santa Ana Library (Civic Center Drive and Ross Street). City Hall is next to the library. THE RULES: Stay on the sidewalk, no blocking driveways or streets, no violence or flag burning. Bring your enthusiasm! There may be limited parking so try to get there early. Metered street parking (bring quarters) and a parking garage (that cost money to park) available nearby.

For more information, please contact:
Email: slsweet@cox.net
Web Forum: http://www.saveourstate.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=10025


Southern California May 1 Rallies
Monday May 1, 2006
Numerous small rallies around Southern California are in the works for May 1.

For more information, or if you would like to head up a small group rally, please contact: Email: Robin@firecoalition.com


Minuteman Caravan Kick-Off in Downtown Los Angeles
Rally to highlight job losses in African-American Community due to illegal immigration
May 3, 2006, 8:00 A.M.
Leimert Park, 4395 Leimert Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90008

The Minuteman Caravan will drive home to the political leaders of the United States that the American people are fed up with their lack of response to the most important issue in protecting our nation’s security. The Minuteman Caravan will be a positive statement for the citizens of the United States of America. Highlighting the concern with job losses to illegal aliens of American citizens and legal immigrant, particularly in the African-American community, the Minuteman Project will kick-off a cross-country caravan in downtown Los Angeles (see separate listing under “Multi-State/National Events” below). Over 40% of black teenagers are unemployed. Overall unemployment in the black community is double that of white Americans. They are the most harmed by illegal immigration and it’s time we focused our efforts in our inner cities where help is needed most. According to a report by the Center for Immigration Studies, “Half of the 2.3 million increase in immigrant employment since 2000 is estimated to be from illegal immigration.” Meanwhile, “Between March of 2000 and 2004, the number of citizens adult natives increased by 2.3 million, while the number of employed adult immigrants increased by 2.3 million.” Clearly, illegal immigrants are taking jobs that Americans would be willing to do. Illegal immigrant employment also depresses wages for all Americans.

For more information, please contact:
Telephone Message line (to leave a message): 949-222-4266
Website: http://www.minutemanproject.com/news/?p=25
Email: Director@MinutemanProject.com


American Flag Waiving Rallies
Friday, May 5, 2006, starting at 7:30 a.m.
Various locations near Del Mar, Encinitas, and Carlsbad, California

Tired of talking? Take action! Join planned American flag waving events on May 5 in various well protected and highly visible locations in Southern California. Bring flags, signs and cameras or camcorders. Signs needed with few words, large letters, and to the point! Example: NO AMNESTY! SECURE OUR BORDERS NOW! A staging area meeting (for 7:00 AM) will be announced only to those volunteering to participate. From there, we will go to designated locations.

For more information, please contact:
Email: lavaiva@pacbell.net


Demonstration of Unity for LEGAL Immigration
Central Park in Santa Clara, California
May 5 & 6, 2006

(contact event organizer for exact times) This is NOT a hate Rally, but rather a demonstration by proud Americans and LEGAL immigrants of unity for LEGAL Immigration.

For more information:
Email: roberta@illegalimmigrantprotest.com
Telephone: 408-569-6162
WebSite: http://www.illegalimmigrantprotest.com/


No Amnesty Rally
Irvine Spectrum Arena, parking lot at 1801 Irvine Center Drive (Irvine Center Drive and Alton Pkwy.)
Irvine, California
May 6, 2006
10:00AM – 2:00PM

This rally is to support No Amnesty, Enforcement of our Current Immigration Laws and Secure Our Borders Now! Bring the biggest American flags that you can! Also bring your signs and banners. This location has a lot of traffic going to the Irvine Spectrum so we will have a lot of attention. This is a Saturday so we should expect a big turnout. Spread the word, the more the better! We will be meeting in the parking lot at 1801 Irvine Center Drive @ 10:00 am (Irvine Center Drive and Alton Pkwy.). Participants are requested to observe the following rules: stay on the sidewalk; no blocking driveways or streets, no violence, no flag burning, bring something to drink and maybe a snack, bring your signs, banners and enthusiasm!

For more information:


Ongoing Surveillance and Reporting Operations at Illegal Alien Day Labor Centers
2 locations:

Burbank, California (next to the new Burbank Home Depot store)
Glendale, California (next to the Glendale Home Depot store)
Ongoing operations at various times and dates (contact organizer for more information)

Illegal alien day labor sites allow unscrupulous employers to hire illegal immigrants at exploitation wages, instead of Americans (and legal residents) at the respectable wages most Americans demand. Less than 6 percent of day laborers entered the United States legally, per a comprehensive UCLA study on day labor sites. Home Depot has financially supported illegal alien day labor centers in both Burbank and Glendale (as well as many other locations across the country), in clear violation of federal immigration laws. These ongoing surveillance operation involve photographing and reporting to federal and state authorities, and several websites, those employers illegally hiring illegal immigrants. The importance of these sorts of actions cannot be overstated. A few dedicated activists can effectively close down a day labor site as these un-American contractors/employers rarely pick up illegal immigrants when informed they will be reported to law enforcement.

For more information:
Email: saveourstate@gmail.com
Save Our State Home Page: http://www.SaveOurState.org/
SOS Events Forum: http://www.saveourstate.org/forums/index.php?showforum=35



Immigration Law Enforcement Rally
Sunday April 30, 2006; 2 pm
Northeast corner of Mulberry and College Avenues (near the Safeway store)
Fort Collins, Colorado

Are you tired of illegal immigrants marching around the country and demanding amnesty and “rights” to which they are not entitled? Are you upset at employers who break the law by hiring illegal workers? Are you frustrated with politicians ignoring the will of U.S. citizens in the immigration debate? If so, please plan on attending a rally in support of Immigration Enforcement and the Defend Colorado Now Initiative. This rally will coincide with an illegal immigration march being held at the same time. The illegal immigration march is being put on by the same people who were behind the Fort Collins sanctuary city policy ordinance this last fall. All U.S. citizens and legal immigrants are welcome to come and show their support for a rational immigration policy that includes 1) enforcement of laws against employers hiring illegal workers, 2) securing our borders, 3) no amnesties or massive guest worker programs, and 4) a reduction in total immigration numbers. In addition, petitions for the Defend Colorado Now Initiative will be available for distribution. This will be a peaceful, patriotic event with flag and sign waving.

For more information, please contact Northern Coloradans for Immigration Reduction
Email: glenc1@comcast.net


The March to Save America
Sunday, June 18, 2006
Greeley, Colorado
(contact organizers for exact time and location)

Secure the Borders of the United States of America! We the people, demand that our elected representatives secure the Southern, Northern, Eastern and Western Borders of the United States of America. All Americans, from every political party, race, creed and religious beliefs are invited to march to save America, Father’s Day, June 18. This is a march for the security of our loved ones. NO COMPROMISE!!!! The March to Save America was formed by concerned citizens listening to the Trevor Carey Show on AM 1310 KFKA, Greeley/Ft. Collins. Listen for updates around the clock on 1310 KFKA or listen online at http://www.1310kfka.com/. Our nation is too valuable to sit back and watch our borders wide open. Make your voice heard.

For more information:
Email: trevorcareyshow@gmail.com
Website: http://www.themarchtosaveamerica.com/
Telephone: 970-356-1310



“Mayday-Mayday” Rally
Monday, May 1, 2006
4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Lakeview Park (16th Ave. and Garrity Blvd.)
Nampa, Idaho
Distressed and dismayed at the protest for amnesty? Close Our Borders Committee has reserved the park at the above times. The hope is to have as many people as possible show up with their own old-fashioned AMERICAN snacks, picnics, barbeque grills, any variety of games – from jump ropes and hulla-hoops to hoseshoes or frisbies etc. A celebration of American culture would be great on the illegal aliens protest-day.

For more information:
Email: atvridermegan@yahoo.com



Anti-Illegal Immigration Rally
Saturday April 29, 2006
1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Federal U.S. Courthouse, Building 202, 300 South 4th Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55415
Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform will be hosting an Anti-Illegal Immigration Rally. This is a peaceful rally. Bring your flags, signs and voices to show your support for Secure Borders and No Amnesty for Illegals. We Must Be Heard!

For more information:
Email: minnsir@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.minn-sir.us/
Snail Mail: MINN-SIR, Box 87, Hanska, Minnesota 56041



Secured Borders U.S.A. – Townhall Meeting
Tuesday, May 9, 2006
6 pm notarization of Petitions “FREE” / 7 pm Presentation
Arizona Charlie’s Hotel/Casino, “Diamond Mae Ballroom”, 740 South Decatur Boulevard
Las Vegas, Nevada

Speaker will be Daniel Sheehy, author of “Fighting Immigration Anarchy” (Mr. Sheehy’s website found at http://fightingimmigrationanarchy.com).

For more information, please contact:
Telephone: 702-388-1118
Website: http://www.SecuredBordersUSA.com
Email: staff@SecuredBordersUSA.com


2006: Unite to Fight Summit II
Las Vegas, Nevada
May 27 & 28, 2006

Meet the leaders who are actively fighting the illegal invasion, exchange ideas and network with hundreds of others who are fighting illegal immigration, choose one or two workshops to get in-depth information to improve you or your organization. Your attendance will make a statement to politicians who refuse to secure our borders.

For more information:
Email: Mark@TheWakeUpAmericaFoundation.com
Phone: (702) 251.8090
Event Info.:http://www.thewakeupamericafoundation.com/000waf-events.shtml
WebSite: http://www.thewakeupamericafoundation.com/


Ongoing Minuteman Rallies to Protest Hiring of Illegal Aliens
Las Vegas, Nevada
Ongoing monthly and weekly events (contact organizer for dates, times and locations)

Minutemen will protest hiring of illegal aliens in Las Vegas, and work to shut down day labor sites that allow unscrupulous employers to illegally hire illegal aliens instead of legally hiring Americans or legal residents.
For more information, and for dates/times and locations, please contact:
Email: dnance3@cox.net
Phone: (702) 987-6290



organized by Americans For Immigration Reform
Fort Worth, Texas (see below for location)
Saturday, May 6, 2006
11:30 a.m.
We will meet at 3rd and Commerce (between 8.0 and Flying Saucer sidewalk area). All protesters are expected to be present by 11:30am, as we will march to Tarrant County Courthouse at noon. OBJECTIVE: It’s time for Congress to hear from the voices that count! We must show them that OUR votes will unseat those who sell us out for big business and that we intend to take our country back from these criminals! WEAR AND BRING: Bring everything you have that is RED, WHITE, and BLUE including every American flag you have! Also, bring posters and signs that tastefully reflect our cause, but not hatred or racism. Bring your own water!

For more information, contact:
Email: Lisa@illegalimmigrantprotest.com
Website: www.geocities.com/ftwprotest/


Protest at President Bush’s Crawford Ranch
next to Crawford Community Service Center, 999 East 4th Street (on the parking lot of the football field)
Crawford, Texas
Saturday, May 6, 2006
1 p.m.

The good citizens of the United States of America with the help of the patriotic media will be in Crawford Texas to lawfully and peacefully demonstrate against George W. Bush’s lack of enforcement of immigration law, for calling the Minutemen and other border watchers “vigilantes”, for not directing ICE to round up illegal aliens in our cities, for willfully failing to put our miltary on the border, for being a Mexican president and the best friend an illegal alien can have, and for putting American citizens last. God Bless America.

MC: Lynn Wolley (author and talk show host). Guest Speakers: Terry Anderson (radio talk show host), John Clark (author, film maker and congressional liaison), Rick Oltman (FAIR Western Field Director), Shannon McGauley (Texas Minutemen President), Lupe Moreno (Latino Americans for Immigration Reform President), Cathie Adams (President of Texas Eagle Forum), Barbara Coe (President, California Coalition for Immigration Reform), Tony Dolz (President Latinos for Legal Immigration), Angie Morfin (LAIR Vice President), Carl Whitaker (Tennessee Gubernatorial Candidate), Jim Gilchrist (Minuteman Project), and Bob Park (Veterans for Secure Borders).

For more information, contact:
Email: frank1950@juno.com
Website: AReckoning.com



Nationwide Secure Our Borders Operation, organized by Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. (MCDC)
When: Entire month of April, 2006
Where: Numerous location across the United States’ Northern Border with Canada and Southern Border with Mexico
* Thousands of MCDC volunteers, augmented by the new national support team, will hold border watch patrols in northern and southern states along an estimated 800 miles of international borders during the month of April. The Minutemen will observe and report suspected illegal border crossings to the proper authorities. As always, they will maintain a “no contact” policy with the exception of providing emergency water to those illegal aliens found in distress in the wilderness.
* Last year, MCDC revolutionized the national debate about border security and illegal immigration by focusing the nation’s attention on the dangers of America’s wide-open borders in a post 9/11 world. The Minutemen have demonstrated that the borders can be secured with sufficient political will and dedication.
* Since the border watch in April, 2005, interest in joining and supporting the Minutemen has exploded nationwide. MCDC chapters have been formed in southern and northern border states, as well as interior states. To date, 6,500 men and women have passed the required background check and interviews to qualify to become official Minuteman Border Project volunteers and with more waiting in the queue for approval. Over 120,000 people have become friends of the Minutemen through their support and volunteer work.
* MCDC has asked for and accepted the help of experienced border volunteers who have been on the front lines, some for as long as four years. With this expansion we will be ready for the thousands of volunteers who will participate in the “Secure Our Borders” operation in April 2006. This expansion further solidifies MCDC’s ability to continue the largest neighborhood watch effort in American history. The Minutemen will continue their civil defense operations assisting authorities in securing the U.S. borders with Mexico and Canada until properly relieved.

For more information or to volunteer and participate, please contact:
Telephone: (520) 829-3112
Website: http://MinutemanHQ.com
Email: info@MinutemanHQ.com


Cross-Country Minuteman Caravan
Caravan Schedule:
* May 3rd – Los Angeles, CA
* May 3rd – Phoenix, AZ
* May 4th – Albuquerque, NM
* May 5th – Abilene, TX
* May 6th – Crawford, TX
* May 7th – Little Rock, AK
* May 8th – Memphis, TN
* May 8th – Nashville, TN
* May 9th – Montgomery, AL
* May 9th – Atlanta, GA
* May 10th – Greensboro, NC
* May 11th – Richmond, VA
* May 12th – Washington D.C.

We have seen defiance of the rule of law by foreign nationals waiving foreign flags. We have seen protests across America with disdain for American sovereignty. Defiance of the law supported by protest is outrageous to those who are lawful and proud of America. Criminal aliens and their followers have taken to the streets demanding not their rights but your rights. This sort of massive illegal incursion would not be tolerated in any other country. Many in Congress refuse to listen to the will of Americans and turn a blind eye to the rule of law. Capitol Hill has been bought and paid for by special interest groups who benefit from cheap sweat shop labor and the 21st century economic slave trade.

Join this historic event officially known as ‘The Minuteman Project Caravan’, as we drive across the nation from California to Washington D.C. We will be in Crawford, Texas to support the protest on May 6th (http://www.areckoning.com), then roll into Washington D.C. with history’s biggest convoy on May 12th. There will be those who can journey with us a short distance, others a few states, but many will endure the thousands of miles between Los Angeles and Washington experiencing the hardships that come with such a campaign. Everyone can do something to change the destructive course that America is on. All of America will be with us when we stand on the steps of the Capitol and make our voices heard!

In order to proceed with this generation defining event, we need to know NOW that we have your support. We desperately need participants, financial donations and vehicles. Please contact event organizers for further details.
For more information or to volunteer and participate, please contact:
Telephone Message line (to leave a message): 949-222-4266
Website: http://www.minutemanproject.com/news/?p=25
Email: Director@MinutemanProject.com


2006 National Anti-Illegal Immigrant Protest
Multiple Locations Across America
Friday, May 5, 2006, and
Saturday, May 6, 2006
Please join us in a place for FED UP American citizens to gather, unite, communicate and coordinate the largest official 2006 National Anti-Illegal Immigrant Protest in American history! Americans across America will proudly display the American flag and rally against’ illegal immigration. Please join this National Anti-Illegal Immigrant Protest Rally Days! We ALL need to do whatever we can, to STOP the illegal immigrant invasion of the United States.

For more information:
Email: FedUp@IllegalImmigrantProtest.com
WebSite: http://www.illegalimmigrantprotest.com/


21st Century Paul Revere Ride Summer 2006
Cross-country bicycle ride starts on May 22, 2006 and ends in D.C. on September 15, 2006

We’re looking for volunteers, three RVs and drivers and bicycle riders to be part of this historic event. The 21st Century Paul Revere Riders major objective is to connects the dots for Americans of all walks of life, in small towns and big cities across America, as to the dangers of unending legal and illegal immigration. Three teams of four bicycle riders (Northern tier; Southern tier and Central tier) will reach millions of Americans via 100 – 200 radio interviews, 200 TV interviews and an estimated 400 to 500 newspaper interviews from small town dailies to big city papers. We expect to reach in excess of 50 million Americans concerning the dangers of continued immigration-driven population growth that exceeds carrying capacity within the United States. Riders on three separate routes will cover 48 state capitols on their way to Washington, DC. We expect to impact the 2006 elections focusing on immigration. Besides bicycle ride volunteers, we need three donated RVs of any size. RV drivers may go the whole 3 1/2 months or leave off after a month and allow the next team of drivers. Or, we might go two weeks each team depending on how many volunteers and RVs.

For more information, please contact:
Email: frostyw@juno.com
and/or wooldridge@leap.cc