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By Michelle Malkin  •  May 17, 2006 09:49 AM

Remember Steve White, the creepy public school teacher who reportedly showed his students moonbat filmstrips in class?

He’s outta there:

After 41/2 hours behind closed doors Tuesday night, the Limestone County Board of Education voted to fire Steve White, accused of showing students a video referring to President Bush in profane terms.

In the closed hearing requested by White, the board voted 6 to 1 to cancel his contract as a West Limestone High School eighth-grade science teacher.

Speaking after the hearing ended at 10:30 p.m., White’s attorney Bill Dawson said, “We’re disappointed, but there is an appeal.” He can appeal the board decision to an arbitrator.

White is accused of showing inappropriate material in class, including the video which used profane language in describing Bush, Fox commentator Sean Hannity and members of Bush’s senior staff.

White, who is also a Democratic candidate for the Alabama House seat representing District 4, has been on unpaid leave since April.

More details:

“I think the evidence was clear,” said Dr. Barry Carroll, superintendent of Limestone County Schools, who recommended the Board of Education cancel White’s contract following the hearing.

During a two-week-long investigation in April, Carroll said pornographic material was found in White’s computer and administrators determined that White was showing videos rather than teaching science in his class at West Limestone High School.

White was placed on paid administrative leave April 7. Some of the students who were interviewed following the allegations on April 10 testified during Tuesday night’s hearing.

Although attendees did not hear the evidence against White, who requested the hearing remain private, Carroll gave The News Courier a list of findings of the investigation, which included showing video clips of sexual activity and “a computer image of a girl exposing her breast.”

White, who sat at a table beside his attorney, Bill Dawson of Birmingham, during a three-hour long hearing and 90-minute deliberation, did not comment on the board’s vote. Only board member Roger Whitt voted against the superintendent’s recommendation. Members of White’s family who attended also had no comment.

Still more.

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