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Backlash against the blabbermouths

By Michelle Malkin  •  June 23, 2006 10:18 AM

***update: Tony Snow video***

They can buy ink by the barrel, but we can fight back now with bandwidth by the terrabyte. I’m getting inundated with furious readers’ letters to the Times, most of which the editors won’t bother to read or publish–since they’re not in, you know, the “public (Pulitzer) interest.” So I’m reprinting a representative sample here and I’ll keep adding to it. Don’t forget that it’s both the NYTimes and the LATimes that blew off security concerns in favor of blowing the cover of the terrorist finance tracking program.

Send a letter to the editor by e-mailing letters@nytimes.com or faxing (212)556-3622. Snail mail:

Letters to the Editor
The New York Times
229 West 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036

LATimes e-mail form here.

The NYSun reports: “Furor erupts.” Don’t let it die down.

“The president is concerned that, once again, the New York Times has chosen to expose a classified program that is protecting the American people,” a White House spokeswoman, Dana Perino, said last night. “We know that terrorists look for any clue about the weapons we’re using to fight them and now, with this exposure, they have more information and it increases the challenge for our law enforcement and intelligence officials.”



“Do your kickbacks from al-Qaeda make up for your losses in subscriptions?”

Arch A.:

I have never before written to the “New York Times.” Your outrageous decision to publish information about a successful, legal (as reported in your own story), and secret anti-terrorist program that will in all likelihood severely damage its effectiveness causes me to do so now. It is beyond my ability to comprehend the convoluted logic that would lead you to believe your actions in reveling this information would somehow be in the public interest.

Good God, don’t you have any recollection of the horror visited on your city and the nation’s capitol not so long ago by the very people this surveillance program targets? Can’t you understand that the terrorists are dedicated to destroying us and our way of life and that we are in a real war? Your actions make it more difficult to look under the right rocks and discover these barbarians before they successfully unleash another attack on our soil. Releasing this information in your story is tantamount to sabotage of our defense against attack. There is no question that you are giving aid and comfort to our sworn enemies. Decide for yourselves what label should apply to someone who does this in a time of war.

I am truly disgusted.

Dan P.:

Exposing every secret measure meant to safeguard our country by those who mean to destroy it is not in the interest of our public no matter how you slice it. I am very disappointed to hear of this latest example of ‘look-at-me’ journalism. This is getting ridiculous.

Jeff J.:

Dear Treason Times,

I see that once AGAIN you have published classified information regarding efforts to track down terrorists. This time, you’ve blown the lid off an operation that was tracking the banking transactions of people suspected of having terrorist ties.

I understand the First Amendment, and freedom of speech. But I also know that I cannot just yell “FIRE” in a crowded theater, because I might put lives at risk. What you REFUSE to see is that when you publish this kind of information, you put lives at risk. Indeed, you are giving aid to the enemy… and everyone who reads your paper or website is a witness to your crimes.

Today, I hear that 7 people have been arrested in Miami for plotting a terrorist attack against the Sears Tower. Tell me, Treason TImes… if you had gotten information about the investigation of these people in its early stages, would you have published it? I’m CERTAIN that you would have.

It has become blatantly obvious to most of America that when you do this, you don’t care about the damage you might cause. You don’t care about the lives that might eventually be lost because of your actions.

So tell me, Treason Times.. why do you do it? Why do you betray the American people and put our lives at risk? Do you do it for the money? Are you hoping to boost your sales? Is that it? Is it greed? Or do you do it because you hate the Bush administration, and want to try and hand them a failure in the war on terror? Or are you just SO STUPID that you’ve forgotten what happened on 09/11/2001?

I’ve called my congressman and asked that something be done about your particular brand of treason.


Shame on the New York Times. You have exposed a secret program by our Government used to find and stop terrorists bent on destroying the United States or at the least – murdering as many American citizens as

Please issue a disclaimer on Page One of your next edition:

“The New York Times – in the best interest of the American People – will
continue to divulge National Security secret operations and further, the
New York Times takes full responsibility for future destruction, murder
and mayhem caused by our desire to earn a Pulitzer, our efforts to
destroy the present administration at any cost, or by our complete and
utter consumption with hate for the current President of the United
States. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by our utter lack of
civic or corporate responsibility.”

Please display the names of those at your newspaper who continue to
divulge our military and government programs. Those names should be
every bit as famous/notorius in American History as Benedict Arnold.

Jess B.:

What is wrong with you people? Are you Americans? If so, you have a real damn funny way of showing it. I guess September 11, 2001 is too far back for your memories to access, but there are people out there who think the United States is the “Great Satan”, and would like to blow all of us, even you ostriches with your heads in the sand, all to hell.

You need to step back and re-evaluate where your loyalties lie because like President Bush once said, you are either with us, or you are against us. From what I have seen over the last few years, in your case, it is the latter.
Please do not bother replying back. I do not know if I can stand any more mindless drivel from you.

Philip J.:

Regarding the bank data sifting story by ERIC LICHTBLAU and JAMES RISEN, please realize that if the operation is a secret, then running a story to reveal it is beneficial only to the terrorists. There are some stories that don’t need to be written for obvious reasons, and this is one of them. Now that the damage is done, please issue disciplinary action on the news editor and the reporters for exposing methods for capturing terrorists.

Brian B:

To the Editors of the NY and LA Times:

As I’m certain you’ve already discerned, the vast majority of Americans are not terrified of their government leaders in this time of war; yet they are most certainly furious, and yes, terrified, at the MSM’s willingness to endlessly betray the best interests of our nation’s security. I have chafed and groaned at each and every disclosure of vital national secrets and programs; at the inevitable harm they will cause our nation; and at the vacuous grounds on which your organizations assert the right to betray our nation. No more.

Our nation has preserved itself and the entire free world from seemingly innumerable despicable tyrannies bent on global domination over the course of her existence. In none of those ultimately successful struggles has America suffered the deliberate discord and demoralization of an unfettered fifth column gnawing at her resolve, and, indeed, her very foundations. Vietnam not withstanding, the degree of aid and comfort, of crucial and actionable intelligence that is being provided to our current enemies, has no precedent. Only in the few spectacular cases of individual spies have we seen this level of willingness to compromise our intelligence and defense capabilities by American citizens.

This treasonous behavior is beyond reprehensible. Were your organizations to sport newly grown beards and fly the standards of the innumerable terrorist organizations arrayed against us upon your rooftops, you could no more demonstrate your support for our enemies and your disdain for our nation than you have with these endless publications of state-secrets.

You have shown no light of truth upon a travesty or an injustice; you have not bravely spoken truth to power; you have simply acted upon an irrational hatred of your own country and contempt for the current administration in a time that represents the greatest vulnerability our nation has ever faced; for your own egos and will to power. It is disgraceful, disgusting, and completely unacceptable.

The program that you just blew was entirely legal, unopposed by it’s congressional overseers, outside of American territory, targeted very few Americans, and was both vital and effective in our efforts to prosecute the war against the Jihadis. Simply watching the movement of money with the hopes of spotting terrorist funds and their abettors is not a threat to Americans. It is a threat to our enemies, and you have aided only them by your actions.

Our nation is a nation of laws. We have chosen the leaders who will act on and under those laws. They have done so with an amazing degree of conciliatory concern for the sensitivities of those that pretend to have reason to suspect the benign intentions of our executive branch. It is not your right to take their every action and decision directly to the American populace for the purposes of second-guessing and ankle-biting. You may express the great difficulty that you suffered in deciding whether to expose this latest program, but the truth is that you all glory in your foolish notion that you are a legitimate branch of our government charged with putting even potentially harmful information in the hands of the citizens. The decision was not yours to make. This administration has been too soft, too kind, too timid in dealing with the likes of the NY and LA times and their treasonous revelations. You have broken the law. You have broken faith with America; her values, her well-being. Your cheering section is much smaller and much less wise than you seem to believe. You need to start looking beyond your self-constructed echo-chambers and see what Americans really think of treason.

It is time that Americans refuse to accept the Administration’s molly-coddling of traitorous and treacherous elitists bent on self-aggrandizement and political tomfoolery at the expense of our security. From this point forward I will demand that the Administration prosecute the organizations that engage in such acts of sedition and espionage. I will encourage everyone I can in every way I can. If reporters will not reveal their sources in the face of a criminal investigation, then they must be jailed, and every layer of editorial and managerial responsibility above them as well, until we have eliminated the leakers, or, if need be, paralyzed their means of disseminating their seditious wares by imprisoning the entire lot of you.

Valerie Plame’s identity means nothing to anyone, and should legions of such once faceless nobodies be revealed to be regular commuters to Langley, our nation will be no less secure. Yet you undermine the very means of detecting the dots that we desperately must connect to preserve the fabric of our nation and the lives of her citizens: and you do not see the hypocrisy or irony of it. Hypocrisy is certainly not a crime. What you have done, repeatedly, and continue to do, IS a crime. It must not be allowed to continue, or go unpunished. I suggest you open your phonebooks to the legal pages: you’re gonna be real busy soon.



NYTimes blabbermouths strike again

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