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By Michelle Malkin  •  July 8, 2006 08:32 PM

Just received from the University of Arizona regarding Jeff Goldstein’s blog stalker, Deborah Frisch:


I have word from the head of Human Resources here that Deborah Frisch has tendered her resignation.

Jeff Harrison
University Communications
The University of Arizona

I haven’t been able to get through yet, but Protein Wisdom is reportedly back online.

Frisch says she is headed to Eugene, Oregon–where she has apparently taught in the past. Schools up there might want to know why she’s leaving Arizona.


Froggy at Blackfive says a new Internet verb is born:

To Frisch: Writing something on the internet so creepy and offensive that you are forced to quit your job before getting canned. Ex. Deb really frisched herself when she threatened that blogger’s 2 year old child with death and sexual molestation.

Blackfive adds:

If you would like to donate to help Protein Wisdom move to a new server and hosting site, you can visit PayPal and use proteinwisdom-at-celluloid-wisdom.com as the Recipient’s Email Address.


Take a look at some of Frisch’s other rantings online:

– Defending Ward Churchill. She thinks he’s “brilliant.”

Happy about the 7/7 bombings:

I don’t think the people riding the London subway yesterday morning deserved to be blown up because of the war crimes committed by George Bush and condoned by Tony Blair.

But I am glad that someone said phuque you to bush, blair and the other hombres who represent (sic) the G-8 nations.

– And one big question of the day: Why is the FBI listening to this woman? Dan Riehl points to Frisch’s participation in an FBI counterterrorism conference. Ace responds appropriately. Jeremy B. has the creeps. Check out her 9/11 conspiracy theorizing.

Previous today: A blogger under siege


More: Jim Hoft – Threatening children nothing new for the unhinged Left

Dan Riehl has some wise words for the unhinged Left, not that they’ll listen:

No public servant, military man or woman, public school teacher, or even corporate employee would be able to make such remarks without some serious consequences. At the very least, they would likely be mandated to attend some form of counseling, or possible psychiatric evaluation – and it is, first and foremost, the Left which fosters the kind of thought policing today which makes that so.

Deborah Frisch is not a victim in this. She is a well-educated, experienced, professional adult. Over time she has apparently displayed a consistent irresponsible, if not genuinely disturbed, pattern of behavior in and around political discourse while on line.

She resigned either out of instability, or a desire to not face the consequences for her actions in this latest incident.

Juliette at Baldilocks wants answers about the DDOS attacks.

More: The rationalizations continue–and Frisch is enjoying the attention. Guess it’s therapeutic.

Pajamas Media bids happy trails to the “The Tonya Harding of the Blogosphere.”

Bill at Pundit Guy wants to close the book on this Frisch matter, but I don’t see why anyone should rush to get this over with when there are many unresolved issues at hand–not least of all, the identity of the DDOS attackers who tried to shut jeff up and whether a crime/crimes were committed.

Patterico notes that Frisch’s gums are still flapping.

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