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By Michelle Malkin  •  July 9, 2006 09:35 AM

It happened in Nigeria:

The life of a 20yr old girl (name withheld) was prematurely terminated in Izom in Gawu Babangida Local Government Area of Niger State yesterday as she was stoned to death by irate youths for distributing inciting leaflets bordering on religion.

Yes, “prematurely terminated.” Another report pegs her age at “about 14.”

Trouble started at about noon when the girl whose identity is yet to be ascertained was said to have walked straight into the Jumat Mosque in Izom where she dropped the inciting letter in the Mosque.

As the letter was opened, it was discovered that it was a letter full of unprintable materials accusing both Prophet Muhammad, Jesus Christ and even some living and dead Pastors of some misdeeds.

The lady was immediately trailed and arrested by the people who also handed her over to the police.

While the lady was under protective police custody for interrogation, the news of the inciting letter had spread to the town while the youth immediately mobilized and stormed the Izom Police station where they demanded for the release of the girl for instant judgement.

“The youth.” Can you guess what religion they were?

The police station was damaged by the youth with dangerous weapons like sticks and iron as they tried to force themselves to the station to capture the lady.

The DPO, ASP. M. Ibrahim, his DCO and some other police officers were injured as they attempted to ferry the girl away for protection as the irate youth descended on them with dangerous weapons.

The helpless policemen including those on highway patrol drafted to the scene to protect the girl were overpowered and eventually got hold of the girl.

As the policemen flee the scene, the youth rained stones, sticks and other dangerous weapons on her and killed her instantly.

Niger State Governor, Engr. Abdulkadir Kure, his deputy, Dr. Shem Zagbayi Nuhu, State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ernest Ibhaze, the Director of SSS, Emir of Suleja, Mallam Muhammed Awwal Ibrahim immediately rushed to the scene to ascertain the extent of damage and calm the situation. At Gawu Babangida headquarters of the local government, the Governor and his entourage were briefed by the DPO and elders of the town on how the incidence happened and described the girl as an “insane”.

The bloodthirsty Muslim youth stone the Christian girl to death…and the dead girl is the one pronounced “insane.”

A Christian news outlet has more details and reports on how police refused to intervene. The Nigerian Tribune editorializes:

An unidentified 14-year-old girl was reportedly killed by a mob that attacked her at a police station in Izom, Gurara Local Government Area of Niger State. The deceased girl, fleeing from an irate mob, had run to the police station to seek refuge. The girl became an object of attack by the mob for allegedly dropping an inciting publication at a mosque in Izom. The publication was considered very offensive; it reportedly denigrated Prophet Mohammed and Jesus Christ. The actual contents of the purported offensive material are yet to be public knowledge.

It is, however, unbelievable that a mob could carry out extra-judicial killing of an innocent citizen right within the premises of a police station in 21st century Nigeria! It is equally puzzling that the mob carried out its dastardly act without any resistance whatsoever from the police. None of the hoodlums who took part in the attack was arrested or hurt during the attack. But the police claimed that the miscreants overwhelmed them and that some policemen were wounded during the attack.

The point should be made that there was no evidence that the police fired a single shot or even a teargas canister to disperse the rampaging crowd. This is rather strange. And we begin to wonder if it is the same Nigeria Police that shoot-to-kill under the slightest provocation. The Nigeria Police that would happily teargas innocent citizens who engaged in peaceful protests against unpopular government’s policies suddenly found themselves incapacitated and could not raise a hand against the assailants who ultimately achieved their ignoble objective at the police station. The unruly crowd came, attacked and killed their victim in a police station manned by trigger-happy Nigerian policemen and went away unscathed! That was very strange indeed.

That a police station could not be a sanctuary to a citizen fleeing from assailants puts a big blot on the capacity and readiness of the Nigeria Police to carry out their primary responsibility of protecting life and property.

I am waiting for the human rights crowd to express its utter disgust over such barbaric religious persecution and am so sure we will hear feminist outrage over this young woman’s senseless brutal lynching.

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