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Taking on the blabbermouths

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 10, 2006 09:27 PM

Reader Theresa reports a crowd of 150+ people turned out to protest the New York Times in NYC tonight and sends a few pics:

My favorite so far (how about putting this on the front page, Bill Keller?):


I want this t-shirt:


Allah’s got more.

Pam at BlogmeisterUSA was there and blogged the protest. So did the other Pam, who was busy today.

Fighting the Left snaps photos of Times employees taking their usual stance…looking down upon the people from on high:


Van at Kesher Talk and Pamela at Atlas Shrugged covered another important War on Terror protest in NYC today.


Newspaper of wreckage, continued
The newspaper of wreckage
The blabbermouths backpedal
The terrorist-tipping Times
How about a nice big glass of…
More blabbermouth posters
Messages for the blabbermouths
Backlash against the blabbermouths
NYTimes blabbermouths strike again

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