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Another U.N. building stormed

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 30, 2006 08:51 PM

First, Beirut.

Now, Gaza City:

Via Yahoo News

Palestinians stormed a UN compound on Sunday during a protest against Israeli airstrikes and the deaths of dozens of civilians in Kana, Lebanon, and security officials fired into the air to disperse them.

The protesters smashed windows of the UNSCO building with rocks after marching through Gaza City in the demonstration. At least seven people were wounded, including four policemen, officials at the Al-Quds and Shifa hospitals said. Five of the injured were hit by rocks and the other two by ricochets from the gunfire, the officials said.

The protesters – who were waving Lebanese and Hizbullah flags, and burning UN flags – quickly dispersed when Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas ordered Presidential Guards and Palestinian police to close the compound. Besides the Office of the United Nations Special Coordinator, the compound also includes UN headquarters, the World Bank and the presidential Guest Palace, where important guests visiting the Gaza Strip stay.

UN envoy Alvaro De Soto said some local UN staffers were evacuated from the building at the time of the attack.

Asked why the UN was targeted, he said in an interview: “They were venting their anger against the international community about the current situations” in Gaza and Lebanon.

It’s a “day of rage,” said a chant blasted from a loudspeaker during Sunday’s anti-Israel, pro-Hizbullah march through Gaza City.

When is it not a day of rage for these people?


Meanwhile, Israel has agree to a 48-hour pause. Josh Trevino calls it “a fool’s move.” Arlene Kushner at Israpundit: “I will say again what I’ve said here before: There is no fighting force in the world more humane than Israel’s.” Say it again. Ed Morrissey thinks the timeout is a “smart move.”

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