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Myth of the “lone” Muslim avenger

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 31, 2006 10:05 AM

Take a trip down memory lane.


Christopher Chantrill at The American Thinker examines Seattle’s culture of victimology and the shooting of Jews:

You would expect that an angry American Muslim would choose Seattle to perform his outrage. Progressive Seattle legitimizes and condones the outrages of the self-described oppressed peoples. It rewards them with reduced responsibility for their actions. It encourages them to experience themselves not as equal citizens but as violated victims.

When you encourage people to feel like victims you cannot be surprised that they act out as victims. Today, of course, progressive Seattle Jews and progressive Seattle Muslims are conducting unity gatherings.

“To be sure, the shooting was apparently an isolated incident,” writes Janet I. Tu of the Seattle Times.

To be sure.

But when you have built a political philosophy that sacralizes victimhood and isolates oppression as the only evil, and when you excuse the outrages of street thugs and political murderers, you cannot be surprised that the world is suddenly full of violent victims of oppression.

And noted without comment: CAIR Condemns Attack on Seattle Jewish Center

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