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Netroots vs. Rightroots; left-wingers love blackface

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 2, 2006 11:36 AM

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With so much breaking news in the Middle East, I’ve been neglecting politics on the homefront. So, here are a few links and asides on a few noteworthy campaign developments on both sides of the aisle:

The netroots/nutroots are putting their proverbial eggs in the Ned Lamont basket. They are pulling out all the stops with ad hominen attacks on Sen. Joe Lieberman. Don Lambro looks at the uncivil war faced by pro-Iraq war Democrats. Ian Schwartz has the Lamont-Colbert video. Look at the Photoshop that unhinged Jane Hamsher has posted of Sen. Lieberman at the Huffington Post:


I am so sure the Congressional Black Caucus and the NAACP and the civil rights brigade will be protesting this disgusting use of blackface in political discourse. Oh, wait, never mind. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are campaigning against Lieberman, too.


Update - Here’s a reminder of the last time a liberal blogger published a Photoshop with blackface:



Meanwhile, “ImpeachPAC” is playing the Nazi card against Lieberman–essentially blaming his support for the war for an infiltration of skinheads into the US military.

Lamont is a millionaire with money to burn. This piece reports he “has now given $3 million of his own money to his campaign and has increased his TV advertising for the final two weeks.” Like so many wealthy Dem elites, he’s spending much of that money trying to convince voters he’s a…”populist.” He’s also whining about criticism of his membership in an exclusive private club. He calls the scrutiny “dirty politics.”

In the Right corner of the blogosphere, there’s a Rightroots effort underway to counter the insanity. John Hawkins has all the details and a slate of candidates is here. Ed Morrissey reports on fund-raising efforts so far and a challenge from Rep. Jack Kingston. Lorie Byrd at Wizbang has more.

I can guarantee you there will be no blackface Photoshopping on our side.


Sweetheart of the blogosphere Mary Katharine Ham of Townhall.com is onboard with Rightroots and Chris Muir is commemorating.

We have Mary Katharine. They have Jane Hamsher. Need I say more?

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