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Around the blogosphere in 60 seconds

By mmguestblogger  •  August 16, 2006 04:55 PM

A quick look around the ‘series of tubes’:

**Dawn Summers wonders why the UN recognizes Hezbollah but not Taiwan.

**Allahpundit notes there have been no demands or taking of responsibility for kidnapped FOX news employee Steve Centanni.

**James Taranto agrees that the George Allen ‘kerfuffle’ is pretty silly as far as kerfuffles go.

**Kathryn Jean Lopez links to a Der Spiegel interview with Jimmy Carter. According to Carter, Israel was not justified in going into Lebanon, the Bush administration used the collective patriotism of Americans after 9/11 to control us dummies, and Fidel Castro should still have several years ahead of him.

**LGF has the story that France is calling for Israel to end its blockade of Lebanon. The day Israel should take military advice from France…..

**Crosblog picks up the story about Congressman Jindal (who really should’ve been Governor Jindal) delivering his own son.

**John Hawkins questions if the ceasefire in the Middle East is about to break down.

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