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“Path” advisory: Life imitates Photoshop

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 10, 2006 08:35 PM

***scroll for updates and liveblogging…side by side video comparison***

Remember that “viewer discretion is advised” post I did on Friday featuring TS’s mock warning slate for ABC?

Allah captured the real-life slate ABC aired before “Path to 9/11” began this evening. Click for the vid and live comment thread. More to come:


Running commentary from Glenn Reynolds and Austin Bay.

Betsy Newmark says it’s time to remember Sandy Berger, the Clintonistas, and their Dem enablers:

Think for a moment about the concerted action by Democrats, their lawyers, former White House operatives, Bill Clinton, sympathetic historians, and lefty bloggers to stop this show. Remember that this was the same crowd that was full of praise of for Fahrenheit 9/11 for crystallizing their opposition to George Bush. Accuracy and versimilitude didn’t bother them then. And they weren’t saying a word about 60 Minutes “fake but accurate” story on Bush’s National Guard service. Now, ask yourself. If this crowd were to control the White House, how many more of these attempts to stifle any criticism of them would we be seeing? Think of how much has been aired during Bush’s tenure, even a movie depicting him being assassinated and
more denials of civil liberties gets made without Bush’s White House unleashing its lawyers. But, for this thing, the Democrats go to the mattresses. Are they perhaps modeling for us what their response would be to further criticism if they should gain control of the White House – or even of Congress? Don’t forget those not-so-veiled threats to ABC’s license. Ponder that chill wind.

Ed Driscoll has more.

940pm-ish: Another advisory slate.

954pm EST: Well, at least ABC kept the Clinton “I did not have sex with that woman” soundbite in.

957pm: Quip of the hour. “Are there any men left in Washington? Or are they all cowards?”

The Berger scene was cut. Still, as HA commenters are noting, it’s all still fairly damning and damningly fair treatment of the Clinton administration.

1025pm: Customs agent hero Diana Dean is depicted stopping LAX bomb plotter ahmed Ressam at the US-Canadian border. Background here.


Allah’s got the side-by-side video comparison. Click to watch:


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