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Lynne Stewart: Lawyer for jihadupdate: slap on the wrist

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 16, 2006 09:08 AM

***update: 240pm Eastern. Stewart sentenced to 28 months…a travesty…”She smiled as the judge announced his decision to send her to prison for less than 2 1/2 years.”***


Left-wing radical laywer Lynne Stewart will be sentenced this morning for her role in fomenting jihad for her client, convicted jihadist and NYC bomb plotter Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman. The Associated Press casts her as a compassionate grandma who just cares too much about her downtrodden clients. The New York Times sympathizes here:

There was little sympathy for Ms. Stewart among mainstream lawyers during the trial. But more than 400 letters she submitted to Judge Koeltl about her sentence include many from law professors and criminal defense lawyers who said that her actions never caused actual harm and warned of a chilling effect on lawyers who defend terrorists if she receives a long sentence. Her lawyers cite her long service as a government-appointed lawyer for rebels, mobsters and murderers.

Jo Ann Harris, a former assistant attorney general who authorized the 1994 indictment of Mr. Abdel Rahman, wrote that the terrorism counts against Ms. Stewart were “unwarranted overkill.”

Ms. Stewart’s failing, she wrote, was that she “didn’t have a clue that the stick she was poking in the government’s eye was going to have consequences beyond her imagination.”

The author Gore Vidal wrote to ask the judge to “side with our Bill of Rights” by not imprisoning Ms. Stewart.

Ms. Stewart said that while her radical leftist views have not changed, she will continue to fight within the system. “I really think that my patriotism — if you’ll excuse the expression — and my love of this profession demand that I have to stay and fight.”

Gag. Stewart deserves the max for conspiring to spread violent messages to Rahman’s followers–actions which resulted in the death of some 100 tourists at Egyptian resorts. Also found in her law offices: a draft fatwa from Rahman calling on jihadists to kill Americans and their children until his release is won.

Need more of a reminder of what this traitorous lawyer has done? Watch here.

Stay tuned for the result of the sentencing hearing.



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