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Hollywood hatred

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 27, 2006 12:11 PM

Don Murphy is the producer of Natural Born Killers, Apt Pupil, Double Dragon, and The Transformers movie. He was the former business partner of unhinged, trash-talking, blackface-endorsing left-wing blogger, Jane Hamsher.

These people can’t express themselves without sinking into the gutter. Here’s Murphy’s response to pro-life actors Patricia Heaton and Jim Cavaziel, posted on his website message board (pardon the language):

Wimps or Pussies- You decide


Not only do these retards run an ad that is morally and logically unsound, and MOCK Michael J Fox for having a disease, they have set it so that comments must be approved by them. Anything they don’t like, doesn’t get approved. Pure lameness. Are they wimps or pussies?

This is a good opportunity to state that Patricia Heaton is a worthless whore. When Bryan Singer and I were doing APT PUPIL, we made the mistake of offering her the role of the mother. It was a small role, and her career was nothing at the time. She didn’t want to do it. People pass all the time, so fine. She was offended by the role. Okay, fine, fuck you be offended bitch. But no- the worthless whore wrote a letter to Sherry Lansing the head of the studio complaining that the film was evil and would destroy children’s minds. She was ignored and mocked, of course, but can you believe this worthless human shit would have liked to STOP a movie because it offended her lame pussy sensibilities?

I’d vote yes for experimenting on Patricia Heaton cells.

As for Cavaziel, have you seen him in anything lately? Thought so.

The name of Murphy’s production company, appropriately enough, is Angry Films.

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