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They don’t support our troops

By Michelle Malkin  •  November 1, 2006 08:49 AM

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Dan Riehl
notes that libs are rallying behind Kerry because he was just speaking “the truth.” Via the SFChronicle website:

(Note: Images removed 06/07/2007 to facilitate web site re-design. As of June 2007, the SF Chronicle link still works.)

Chickenhawk invocation? Check. Absolute moral authority card? Check. Unapologetic elitism? Check. Check. Check.


It’s moonbat season and you can count on more outbreaks like this up to election day:

Someone spray-painted obscenities on a prominent American flag visible from the Northway and a nearby American Legion memorial.

The graffiti “(expletive) Bush” and a depiction of a penis were scrawled on the 20-by-40-foot flag attached to the side of Wit’s End gift shop in Clifton Park and visible from the Northway between exits 9 and 10.

Similar pictures in the same shade of green were painted on the American Legion Mohawk Post on Grooms Road in Halfmoon. Vandals defaced a rear door and white fence that surrounds its recently built memorial to deceased veterans, past commander Bob Dyer said Monday.

More details from The Saratogan:

Vandals struck two area organizations early Sunday, spray painting graffiti with political overtones on a prominent American flag and a deceased war veterans memorial.

The Wit’s End Giftique, a boutique on Route 9 in Clifton Park and American Legion Post 1450, 275 Grooms Road, Halfmoon, were both defaced with similar images of male genitalia over the weekend.

The Wit’s End shop had two profane political messages painted on the store’s large 20-foot by 40-foot exterior American flag. The flag was also defaced with a graphic sexual image.

Officials at the American Legion post found similar images spray painted on the back door of the organization’s building and on a white vinyl fence in a recently renovated memorial area near the post’s trademark armed forces tank.

Wit’s End owner Susan Hoffman said she came to work Sunday morning and found a group of people gazing up at her store.

The store has three 15-foot fiberglass toy soldiers placed side by side on either side of a huge American flag on an exterior wall. The patriotic display using the six figures from the Nutcracker has been up since 1998 and fronts the Northway. At night the wall is brightly lit and can be seen by anyone traveling the busy highway. The display has become an area landmark…

…Officials with the American Legion came in to open their Halfmoon building up Sunday around noon and found similar images of genitalia painted on the structure’s back door. The images are 10 to 12 inches high, outlined in green spray paint and filled in with white paint.

Post officials found more spray painted images and a message on a white fence off the side of the building where it is part of a memorial for deceased war veterans. Those images are more than three feet high and three feet wide.

I devoted an entire chapter in Unhinged to the anti-military animus of the Left. The Democrats have long set the tone for bitter, anti-military sentiment–from liberals in city government declaring “nuclear free zones” and driving military subs away, to liberals banning military recruiters on college campuses and in public schools, to spiteful yellow ribbon-snatchers and veterans’ memorial vandals in your neighborhood. It’s a phenomenon that stretches from Santa Cruz to San Francisco to Seattle to Washington, D.C.

John Kerry’s elitist anti-military smear is no errant remark. It’s emblematic. Just look who Kerry has turned to for support: Markos Moulitsas of The Daily Kos. Yes, the “Screw Them” guy. Here’s the praise he heaped on Kerry last night (hat tip: Allah):

Kerry responded perfectly…

…Not by bowing to the full blast of the right wing noise machine, but by standing up to it on behalf of our troops, our nation, and the truth.

Kerry was standing up “on behalf of our troops”…by suggesting they were uneducated morons who were “stuck in Iraq?!?”

Don’t question their patriotism. Question their sanity.

My column and Vent today drive home the Democrats’ disdain for the military:

America has the best-trained, most professional, most well-educated military in the world. But the moonbats want only to hear the myths of the soldier-as-victim or the soldier-as-brutalizer or soldier-as-indentured servant.

This is no isolated case of Democrat incompetence and insensitivity toward the military. Kerry’s party is the party of Dick Durbin, who likened American interrogators and Gitmo military staff to Nazis, Soviet gulag operators and genocidal maniac Pol Pot.

Kerry’s party is the party of Patty Murray, who praised Osama bin Laden’s charity work with nary a nod to our men and women in uniform who have sailed and flown to the most far-flung regions of the world on reconstruction and humanitarian missions. Kerry’s party is the party that approved of him tarring American troops as terrorizers in Iraq last year.

And Kerry’s party is the party whose national party website couldn’t even find an American soldier to illustrate a page dedicated to “Veterans and Military Families”. Until a military reader of my blog called attention to it, the DNC site erroneously featured a photo of a Canadian soldier named “Abdul” in its attempt to show support for American troops.

Can you trust a party with such entrenched disdain and contempt for the military to use that power well and wisely at a time of war? America made a choice in 2004. Two years later, the Democrats have said and done nothing to earn the nation’s endorsement now.


Imus to Kerry: “Stop it.”

Oh, no: Please keep going.

The Boston Herald is embarrassed.

Diagnosis: Kerryism.

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