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Jihad chic at the University of Penn.

By Michelle Malkin  •  November 2, 2006 08:03 PM

***updated: “apology” from the costume jihadi…***

***update: 11/9…from a student pictured in Saadi’s photo album from the thumbnails below:

I am outraged and disgusted with your lack of accuracy in your work. One of the photos which you have listed as a picture of the student who
dressed up as a terrorist, which i do not condone, is actually a picture of me dressed up as wolverine. Do you instantly assume that any pictures of Arab students at UPenn must be terrorists? I am outraged that you would place a picture of me in association with these people and this act of liable (sic) will not be accepted. Since I am sure that this is a complete accident, I will allow you a day or two to remove this picture and acknowledge the error, and if not I will seek legal actions. I just want to say once again how incensed I am by your
deplorable mistake. In case you need clarification, the picture of me is the picture of the man with large sideburns wearing a yellow shirt (the only picture that does not feature someone dressed as a terrorist).

Nasri Bou-Saba

I did not intend to imply that Bou-Saba was a “terrorist” and I apologize if he took offense. The photo was included by Saadi, not me, in the Halloween party series of Saadi’s photo album collection. Perhaps he should seek an apology from Saadi for posting his photo publicly along with all of Saadi’s jihadi clowning photos.


Winfield Myers has a bombshell at Democracy Project. Here is how they celebrated Halloween at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania:


The woman on the right is the president of the university, Amy Gutmann. Sick, sick, sick.

Writes Myers:

The email address for the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania is ofcsec@pobox.upenn.edu if you’d care to drop them a line.

Please do.


Myers identifies the costumed suicide bomber as Saad Saadi. I found his website here. He’s got a page on his travels in Syria.

Here’s one of his crude, anti-Bush videos.

Here’s a video of his “Arabic class final project.”

The best and brightest in the Ivy League.



UPenn President Gutmann, Sep. 9, 2006:

As I am sure you’ve noticed: Our world is not in the best of shape at the moment. The United States remains embroiled in war. We have yet to overcome the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. We face the constant threat of terrorism, fueled by hatred that knows not even minimal moral bounds.

Hugh Hewitt and Victor Davis Hanson
weigh in.

9:50pm Eastern. There is now an “apology” from Saadi posted on his website:

My friend, Jason, and I express our condolences and sympathy to all affected by our costumes. We wish to make it clear that we do not support terrorism, violence, or anything that is against society. There is no agenda or statement associated with our behavior shown in these pictures. The costumes are meant to portray scary characters much like many other costumes on Halloween. Additionally, we strive for all societies to instill healthy and non-violent values.

Location: University of Pennsylvania

Click on the thumbnails for more photos of the “healthy and non-violent values” on display at UPenn:



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