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Another outbreak of Democrat anti-troop hatred

By Michelle Malkin  •  November 6, 2006 07:27 PM

I wrote last week that we’d see more outbreaks of anti-military vandalism leading up to Election Day. In upstate New York on Halloween eve, “(expletive) Bush” and a depiction of a penis were scrawled on the 20-by-40-foot flag and similar pictures in the same shade of green were painted on the American Legion Mohawk Post.

Now there’s this despicable act in Boise, Idaho reportedly committed by the sons of a state Democrat legislator:

Police arrested 24-year old Michael Burkett of Boise early Sunday morning after officers with Capitol Mall Security reported spotting him vandalizing two flag polls on the grounds of the Idaho Statehouse.

The flags are memorials to soldiers who lost their lives in the war on terror.

“It’s certainly upsetting, not just to officers but for any citizen of this county who knows somebody who lost their lives in Iraq or Afghanistan,” Lt. Ron Winegar said of the ongoing investigation.

Burkett was charged with resisting arrest and Malicious Injury to Property. He and his 22-year-old brother, Tom Burkett, also charged with the vandalism, are the sons of state Sen. Michael Burkett (D) of Idaho’s 19th district.

Clayton Cramer:

Look, if Burkett’s sons were arrested doing some non-political act of vandalism, I could chalk it up to youthful stupidity. (There’s a lot of that.) If this were a political act of vandalism taken against Republican campaign signs, I wouldn’t be happy, but you know, people get carried away at the end of a campaign. But knocking over flags memorializing our fallen soldiers? This is moonbattery of the highest order–completely ineffective at changing policy, but rich in symbolism…you have to wonder how much of this irrational hatred of the United States was learned at the dinner table.

And on college campuses across the country. Remember:

Flashback – An attack on the ROTC at UNC Chapel Hill:


Flashback – Anti-military vandalism at the University of Minnesota:


Flashback – And can’t forget Santa Cruz.

Flashback – More attacks on military recruiters.

Another anti-military attack flashback: Indianapolis military memorial defaced with “peace” graffiti and anti-Bush profanities.

It is not a long journey between these people and Dick Durbin and John Kerry and Company.

Who do you want in charge in Washington? Them or us?


Speaking of unhinged sons of Democrat pols, remember the Milwaukee tire-slashers from the 2004 campaign?

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