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Hunter or hunted?

By Michelle Malkin  •  November 7, 2006 04:20 PM

Harold Ford’s wearing a camouflage hunting cap in his last-minute campaign flurry.


Glenn Reynolds videoblogs Corker supporters in his neck of the woods, who are probably not impressed with Ford’s panderwear.

Real Clear Politics has Corker up by six in final numbers.

Speaking of hunting, Dick Cheney’s doing the real thing.

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Now how about a report about how many Dems already knew about the CIA’s interrogation techniques?

December 14, 2014 11:53 AM by Doug Powers

She was “fully aware.”

Dick Cheney: Choice of Palin was a mistake

July 29, 2012 03:26 PM by Doug Powers

Which one was a mistake?

Introducing the New Self-Appointed Director of Civility in Political Discourse

January 29, 2011 01:27 PM by Doug Powers

Meet the new tone, same as the old tone

Dick Cheney Hospitalized

June 25, 2010 11:08 PM by Doug Powers

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