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Cindy Sheehan: Still going…PLUS: Watch Sheehan’s reax to Rumsfeld resignation

By Michelle Malkin  •  November 8, 2006 08:07 PM

Rumsfeld steps down. The Dems takeover. But Peace Mom still wants a 16th minute of fame. Now she’s lobbying on behalf of Iran. Via Breitbart/AP:


Activist Cindy Sheehan was arrested Wednesday as she led about 50 protesters to a White House gate Wednesday to deliver anti-war petitions she said were signed by 80,000 Americans.

The Berkeley, Calif., woman, whose son was killed in Iraq more than two years ago, was arrested along with three other women on the sidewalk outside the White House gate, said Lt. Scott Fear, a U.S. Park Police spokesman. They were charged with interfering with a government function, he said.

Before she was arrested, she joined the protesters in hailing the outcome of Tuesday’s elections and chanting “Stop the War” outside the gate.

“It was taking too long for them to decide whether to accept them or not, so we just delivered them,” said Sheehan, who waited about 15 minutes with other protesters before tossing the petitions over the fence.

The petitions opposed use of military force to resolve the dispute over Iran’s nuclear program.

Hot Air affiliate Charles Ryder met up with Sheehan protesting outside the White House earlier this afternoon. Photos and video here. She wants Bush impeached and imprisoned–and “that would just be the start of it.” Ryder was there when Sheehan got news of Rumsfeld’s resignation. Watch her reax:

Welcome to the Sheehanization of America.

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