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Standing up to the flying imams

By Michelle Malkin  •  November 28, 2006 10:58 AM


Audrey Hudson at the Washington Times investigates the Minneapolis Six and gets feedback from air marshals.

We take a closer look at Omar Shahin over at Hot Air. Discussion on O’Reilly last night here.

HA affiliate Charles Ryder has more video and spotted another hate-spewer at the praying imams’ protest yesterday at Reagan National.

Scott Johnson at Power Line examines the safety threat of seatbelt extenders.

Bruce at GP asks:

We know now, based on evidence, that a Republican President will err on the side of security and preemptive action if there is a perceived terrorist threat. We also know, based on repeated statements by their leaders that the Democrats favor a post-attack posture. For Democrats, Terror = Law Enforcement Response.

So I ask my fellow Americans…. if you were on this US Airways flight and this suspicious behavior by the Imams began, who would you want as your pilot and flight attendants? George Bush, Condi Rice and Dick Cheney? Or Nancy Pelosi, Charles Rangel and Alcee Hastings?

Allah notes that “there hasn’t been a single media inquiry thus far about the goings-on at the conference of North American imams that Shahin and co. were in town to attend. Curious, especially since America’s first Muslim Congressman, Keith Ellison, was also in attendance. You’d think that might pique some journalist’s curiosity, but so far it hasn’t.”

Rick Moran:

The professional victimologists at CAIR think that they can put on this idiotic production and rally the American people to their cause. They have, as usual, miscalculated badly. And if this Muslim “civil rights” organization spent 1/10 the time it spends on weeping about “Islamaphobia” as it could on denouncing without reservation or qualification the madmen who seek to destroy us, people would probably listen more closely to what they had to say.

I think these people have finally worn out their welcome. Yes, they’ll always have their apologists in the media. Yes, they have their water-carriers in Congress. But their incessant victim politicking–combined with their shady ties and their refusal to condemn jihad at home and around the world–has eroded America’s good will.

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