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Rafiq Tagi: The next Salman Rushdie

By Michelle Malkin  •  November 30, 2006 08:28 PM

***update: blogger Ali Eteraz issues a call to action***

ranian jihadists are calling for the death of another writer charged with–yup, you guessed it–insulting Islam. Via BBC (hat tip- Jihad Watch):

One of Iran’s most senior clergymen has issued a fatwa on an Azeri writer said to have insulted the Prophet Muhammad.

The call on Muslims to murder Rafiq Tagi, who writes for Azerbaijan’s Senet newspaper, echoes the Iranian fatwa against Indian writer Salman Rushdie.

It was issued by the conservative Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Fazel Lankarani.

The writings of Rafiq Tagi sparked recent demonstrations outside the Azerbaijani embassy in the Iranian capital, Teheran.

The Iranian media is reporting that Grand Ayatollah Lankarani’s followers inside the republic of Azerbaijan wrote to him asking for advice about what they called “the apostate writer”.

They accuse the Azeri writer of portraying Christianity as superior to Islam and Europe as superior to the Middle East.

They allege that he has ridiculed all the sanctities of Islam and done it knowingly, fully aware of the consequences of his action.

In response, Grand Ayatollah Lankarani is said to have issued a fatwa calling for the death of the writer and also the person responsible for publishing his articles.

He’s not the only one.

Earlier, an Iranian cleric had offered his house as a reward to anyone who killed the Azeri writer.

But this latest fatwa comes from one of the dozen or so Grand Ayatollahs in Iran, who has a large following.

An Azerbaijani court sentenced the writer Rafiq Tagi and his publisher to two months in jail for an article which was illustrated by the same cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad originally published in Denmark that caused outcry in the Muslim world.

Upon his sentencing two weeks ago, Tagi stood tall:

“These journalists have been charged under article 283.2.2 for using their profession to stir up racial hatred,” said a court spokesman in Baku, capital of the ex-Soviet, largely Muslim state.

Rafika Tagi, the journalist who wrote the Senet article illustrated by the Mohammed cartoons, said prior to his arrest that he had committed no offence.

“We don’t live in a religious state and it’s impossible to suppress freedom of speech,” he said.

Apathy is the great abettor.

CPJ/IFEX has more information on the case.

Remember: First, they came


Michael Ledeen: “Let’s hope the secretary of state can find the time to support this man.”

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