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Word/phrase of the yearPlus: Blogger contests galore

By Michelle Malkin  •  December 11, 2006 07:52 AM

Merriam-Webster announced theirs over the weekend. Here are your nominations. Readers sent in a few entries coined in previous years, but they’ve held their currency, so they made the cut:

What’s the word/phrase of the year?
Absolute Moral Authority
Cartoon Rage
Culture of corruption
Cut and run
[Fill-in-the-blank]-gate (Plame, Foley, Jamil, etc.)
[Fill-in-the-blank] Derangement Syndrome (Bush, Rove, Diebold, etc.)
The flying imams


More end-of-the-year polls:

John Hawkins of Right Wing News has announced the winners of the annual Warblogger Awards. Thanks so much to John and to all who voted for this blog–including those who voted me “most annoying right-of-center blogger.” If you ain’t annoying somebody, you ain’t doing yer job. :)

Wizbang is holding its annual Weblog Awards. Voting is underway until December 15. These contests, like all contests, can bring out the best and the worst in people. Just remember: It’s a fun way to honor the hard work of bloggers of all stripes–and a great introduction to many new sites you may not have heard of before. Operative word: Fun. Thanks to Kevin Aylward and crew for their hard work putting it together.

LGF is holding its annual Idiotarian of the Year contest. I imagine Kofi Annan will do well.

And it’s an end-of-the-year Photohop contest!

Join the Jawa Report Fakers’ Ball.

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