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And now, a PSA from See-Dubya

By See-Dubya  •  January 8, 2007 01:13 PM

¡Hola damas y caballeros! Me llamo See Dubya…

Whoops, wrong blog.

This here’s See-Dubya, and I’ll be helping to keep things buzzing while Michelle is sightseeing in an undisclosed location that begins with an “I” and ends with a “Vietnam-like capitulation to terrorists”, at least if Pelosi gets her way. You might have caught me mouthing off at Junkyardblog, or recently, at Hot Air. However, I am far more qualified than your average blogger to pronounce loftily on world affairs; after all, I eschew the standard pajamas in favor of:

The gold smoking jacket. Nothing else shrieks “credibility” quite so shrilly.

Speaking of smoking, it’s time for a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:

Due to the risk of fire, it is time to take your Christmas decorations down.

This is especially true if you live in the town of Richmond, California, near Berkeley (of course!), where violent criminals armed with gallon jugs of gasoline will take them down for you, even right on your church’s altar, during choir practice:

RICHMOND – A man walked down the center aisle of the city’s largest Catholic church Friday night with a backpack, a container of fluid and a calmly spoken offer to the small choir that was rehearsing.

“He said, ‘Do you want to leave or stay? I’m going to burn this (expletive) down'” said choir member Veronica Monroy, 32, of Albany.

“First I thought he was playing. I couldn’t believe it.”

With that, the man — who police identified as 40-year-old Robert Mills of San Pablo, doused the altar of St. Cornelius Church.

He then spoke a few bitter words to God, said choir member Adan Covarrubias, lit a napkin and set off a fire that ignited the nativity scene behind the altar and filled the cavernous church with acrid, damaging smoke.

Captain Jamil Hussein was not available for comment.

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