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Escape From Theocracy (awesome Samizdata update!)

By See-Dubya  •  January 9, 2007 01:51 PM

This entry at Isaac Schrodinger’s blog is a fascinating and inspiring look at how an ex-Muslim realized that his life was in danger if he returned home to Pakistan as an apostate. So he applied for Refugee status in Canada.

Now here’s the kicker: most blogs are just people blowing off steam and noodling around. But “Isaac” used his blog to tell his story to the Immigration and Refugee Board. He actually submitted posts he had published there to show how his thoughts and his essence were at odds with Pakistan. He also showed the Board threats that commenters had left in order to show the sort of harassment and danger he would face. He also raised money for his legal fees through his blog.

I don’t want to excerpt too much of this–I’m tempted to give you the part where he actually cites Little Green Footballs in his hearing–but instead I’ll give you this bit from the hearing, bolded part his:

The RPO [Refugee Protection Officer]also asked me about life in Pakistan. “Can’t you live some place in Pakistan where you can be safe?”


“Do you know the word “secular”?”

Hunh. “Yes.”

“Can’t you live as a secular Muslim in Pakistan?”

“I agree with the first part, the secular part, but I don’t agree with the second. I don’t want to behave like, and live as, a non-practicing Muslim or a secular Muslim when I’m not a Muslim!

That was by far my most animated and passionate response.

It’s a great story on a great blog. Go read the rest of it, and offer him your congratulations.

UPDATE: Kind words from Schrodinger, who used to sneak a look at Michelle’s columns back in Saudi Arabia–until the Saudi internet filters blocked the “Jewish World Review” site “for the protection of you and your family”! Fortunately, Townhall got through.

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