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Bongos, boobs, Truthers, and waterboarding voyeurs;Plus photos: The thugs run amok at the Capitol

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 29, 2007 10:38 AM

Yes, my friends, when they weren’t spitting at war veterans, the anti-war protesters yesterday were waterboarding each other.

Photo credit: Tantor

Milblogger Tantor was there and captured the bongo-players, Truthers, and Gitmo wannabes for posterity. He writes:

Those crazy lefties were waterboarding each other every ten minutes on the northeast corner of Third Street NW and Constitution Avenue NW, as the marchers shuffled by. This was the best idea of the whole day: lefties waterboarding themselves. I’m just hoping it will catch on, perhaps become a fad among the revolutionary set.

Charles Ryder videoblogged the keffiyeh-and-Che-draped circus. LGF has video clips of the “Best of the Moronic Convergence.” Watch and wince.

Oh, and if there is one member of Congress who plans to take action on The Hill’s report of Capitol police allowing these clowns to vandalize government buildings, will you please stand up?


Ed Morrissey says what members of Congress should be saying about the Capitol Hill police capitulation:

The people have the right to assemble and demonstrate for the widest range of purposes and policies, as long as they do not include incitement to riot, the violent overthrow of the United States, and as long as they obey the law. The police are supposed to maintain order and enforce the law. Having police stand around watching while a crowd deliberately violates the law and damages public property not only allows a mob to offend the community, but also demonstrates a lack of will that only encourages more law-breaking — if not at this demonstration, then at the next. Regardless of political orientation, the police have to serve as a nonpartisan guard against abuses by unruly mobs, and apparently the Capitol Police are simply not up to the job.

Laughably, the DC police chief tries to paint this as a victory, especially the fact that he roused Capitol Hill workers to clean up the graffiti. A victory would have had the offenders cleaning it up while under arrest. Instead of issuing self-serving rationalizations, Chief Morse ought to issue an apology to Washington DC, and perhaps consider adding his resignation to it.


A YouTube moonbat montage has video stills of the anti-war thugs breaking through the Capitol Hill police line and fence…






At the DC Indymedia site, the thugs also crowed about vandalizing a Fox News van and smashing a window at a military recruitment office.

I repeat from The Hill’s weekend report:

…the sources who talked to The Hill were furious that protesters were not stopped before reaching the Capitol.

“To get that close to the Capitol building, that is ridiculous,” the second source said. “[Police] were told not to arrest anyone.”

The second source added that police had to stand by and watch as protesters posed in front of their graffiti.

This is an embarrassment.

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