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“Christofascist”-bashing blogger resigns

By Michelle Malkin  •  February 13, 2007 07:53 PM

The other John Edwards nutroots shoe drops.

As usual, guess who’s getting blamed. More blame-the-messenger hysterics and hyperbole at–where else?–HuffPo.

Bryan Preston
responds to McEwan’s claims of hate mail and death threats:

Blogs in general have a collective new dent thanks to the promotion of two of its worst to positions where they would attract mainstream coverage and attention. The credibility of better, more reasonable bloggers on both sides will suffer for this episode. And to the extent that the two actually received threats, it’s deplorable and unacceptable. Around here at Hot Air, we know that feeling all too well.

Once again, the Associated Press plays spin doctor for the nutroots–blaming conservatives for turning “Christofascist”-basher Melissa McEwan into a victim while ignoring increasing criticism from religious liberals and Democrats:

A second blogger working for Democratic presidential prospect John Edwards quit Tuesday under pressure from conservative critics who said her previous online messages were anti-Catholic.

Melissa McEwan wrote on her personal blog, Shakespeare’s Sister, that she left the campaign because she was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the level of attention focused on her and her family.

“This was a decision I made, with the campaign’s reluctant support, because my remaining the focus of sustained ideological attacks was inevitably making me a liability to the campaign,” she said Tuesday night.

McEwan’s resignation comes just one day after another blogger, Amanda Marcotte, left the Edwards staff for similar reasons.

Maybe the gals can work for AP. They obviously have fans and sympathizers there.

Danny Glover: And then there were none.

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