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Valentine’s Day: Hearts and darts

By Michelle Malkin  •  February 14, 2007 10:23 AM

Jihadists and hardline Hindus are burning Valentine’s Day cards to protest the West today. It’s an annual rite.

Anti-Israel protesters are protesting V-Day flower sales in the UK.

Kathleen Parker takes on Eve Ensler: Will you be my vagina-tine?

NRO’s Valentine’s Day symposium asks a group of politics lovers who their one true is (or was). Margaret Thatcher is the top heartthrob.

Rep. Keith Ellison quarrels with Rep. Tom Tancredo. The Hill details the spat over…cigar smoke.

The anti-Valentine’s Day market is booming.

Now, go make yourself a candy heart and show someone the love today:




A soldier’s Valentine message from Iraq.

Diana West sends bouquets to some of the bravest infidel women in the world.

Lorie Byrd remembers her grandmother with love.

Love, American Style, at The American Thinker.

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