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By Michelle Malkin  •  February 22, 2007 04:16 PM

The Jerusalem Post follows up:

Over the past few weeks, those who track the use of media by terror groups have noted a strong trend among Iraqi insurgents to distribute their propaganda movies and violence footage not through fringe, hard-to-find websites, but by uploading them directly to popular video sharing sites such as YouTube.

Many of the videos have been seen by tens of thousands of viewers, and some by hundreds of thousands, on YouTube, Google Video and LiveLeak.com. Some show footage from terror attacks, including close-ups of badly burned children. Propaganda videos give a slide show of photographs depicting exploded military vehicles and dead American soldiers, while Arabic victory songs play in the background.

“This is a potentially dangerous development for the fight against terrorism in the West,” said analyst Tom Gross, since “It makes it far easier for freelance, go-it-alone jihadists and suicide bombers in western Europe and elsewhere to access information, techniques and propaganda without having to know in advance where to find such material, which was previously only available on obscure websites.”

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