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By mmguestblogger  •  March 13, 2007 02:04 PM

Hi, I’m Ben, a 25-year-old white guy from rural Virginia. I used to be a directory assistance operator, but now I work at the Wal Mart in Waynesboro. I still live with my parents.


Sometimes, I like to go to the big city and play in the streets. My favorite game is to dress up in black, and run around town with my friends. We block traffic, yell at shoppers, and call the cops “pigs.” They don’t seem to like it very much, but they’re powerless to stop us, because we’re protected by the First Amendment!


Oh, did I mention that I’m a Black Bloc Anarchist?


Hey, let’s go charge up the Capitol steps! The pigs can’t stop us! It’s our Capitol, too!


Aw, shucks. Looks like we can’t go any further. Hey, does anyone have spray paint?


“All Cops are Pigs!” That’s brilliant! But don’t worry, it’ll wash right off… Let’s get out of here!


Hey, now what should we do? I know, we could go break some windows!


Yeah, that’ll show those stoopid Bushbot recruiters! Power to the people! (Oh, but I wasn’t there.) Time to get the Heck out of Dodge…


See you at Wal Mart, or the next big protest!

If you’d like to meet Ben and his friends in person, they’ll be wandering the streets of DC this Saturday, March 17.

But if they’re smart, they’ll steer well clear of these guys.

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