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The Dawn Patrol

By mmguestblogger  •  March 16, 2007 01:36 PM

The Dawn Patrol, a “daily roundup of information on the War on Terror and other topics – from the MilBlogs and other sources around the world” is your gateway to the world of the deployed milblogger, featuring milbloggers stationed in Iraq:

Acute Politics
Badgers Forward
Jack Army
The Marching Camp

Broken Masterpieces has frequent dispatches from Duke in Iraq, too.

And we keep close tabs on our favorite embeds, past and present,
Michael Yon
Michael Totten
Michael Fumneto
Bill Roggio

In Afghanistan we have Milbloggers
Afghanistan JAG
Afghanistan Without a Clue
Task Force Phoenix 5

and others.

And let’s not forget our Canadian milbloggers:
Celestial Junk
Afghanistan Watch
The Torch

And stateside we have many milbloggers covering topics such as military family life, terrorism, current events, the media, those supporting the troops and those who are not.

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