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Portland loves its anarchist thugs

By Michelle Malkin  •  March 20, 2007 12:50 PM

Letter to the editor in today’s Portland Oregonian:

From the dog wearing the sign “Bow Wow Peace Now” to the black-clad percussion-playing “anarchists” to a woman remembering her 53-year-old friend Ron Paulson, who was killed in Iraq, to the surrealistic black-clad police officers hanging onto vans, flag-draped coffins and magnificent horses, it was quite the downtown Portland day.

These “anarchists” are our kids. The ones not following the rules (the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and so on) are running our government.

The “anarchists” handed me a list of “Cult Rules.” I was curious to see into their world. Number 2 on the list was “We like to look at trees.” [These are] kids who have a sense of humor. The “anarchists” I encountered were just kids speaking up, kids who were polite and respectful to me.

Kindness to our children and prayers to bring our troops home.

MARGO LOGAN North Portland

A reminder of just how lovely, polite, and respectful Portland’s kids are:

[burning effigy photo removed at request of copyright holder,
Rachael Palinkas]







Portland hates America
A US soldier burned in effigy

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