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Moral equivalence at the WaPo

By Michelle Malkin  •  March 26, 2007 01:37 PM

Charles Johnson takes on Howard Kurtz:

There’s no comparison between the levels of profanity and hateful venom you’ll find at left-wing sites such as Huffington Post and the comments posted at Little Green Footballs. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at Howard Kurtz’s lame attempt at moral equivalence though; it’s what mainstream media does, whether the topic is blogs or “terrorism” or the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Note that he mentions that the Washington Post message boards also have a problem, although he basically brushes it off before attacking LGF. What he doesn’t say about WaPo’s boards is that the venom there is posted almost exclusively by left-wingers—and it’s not a sudden surge. It’s been out of control for quite a while.

See also here.

And remember: It’s an Amazon.com phenomenon and a Digg phenomenon, too.


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