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The liberal female blogger echo chamber

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 10, 2007 09:50 AM

The techblogging elite, liberal femme bloggers, and their friends in the MSM are still yammering amongst themselves about the Kathy Sierra incident. Bloggers’ code of conduct. Civility badges. Blah blah blah.

Big props to Mary Katharine Ham for calling out the one-eyed, left-wing women bloggers (who still won’t admit their blind spot) and for demonstrating tough, but civil disagreement by example. Brava.

Salon’s Joan Walsh argued on Howard Kurtz’s TV show that it didn’t really matter that she failed to mention female hate-mongers like “Sandpaper sn**ch” Jane Hamsher or the racist, sexist ping-pong ball jokers at Wonkette because I received “plenty of attention” when I’ve pointed out vulgarity aimed at conservative women.

Really? I don’t remember The Guardian asking Kate O’Beirne to pen an op-ed for them about Hamsher’s filthy attack on her. No one put our pictures in the NYTimes for weathering epithets, sexist putdowns and death threats–many of which, unlike Sierra’s, were signed and endorsed by major bloggers–and not just random, obscure, anonymous commenters.

Walsh also argued that the reason she decided to pay attention to misogyny in the blogosphere now is because Sierra is a “techblogger” trying to “make the web a better community.”

As opposed to us Christofascist wingnut women bloggers who deserve what we get because we’re just trying to use the web to spread poisonous conservative ideas…


Here’s a review of my “code of conduct” on how to cope with Internet threats:

1) Report the serious threats to law enforcement.
2) Keep blogging.



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