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Harvard’s future Linda Greenhouses and Bill Moyerses

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 27, 2007 01:18 PM

Linda Greenhouse is the NYTimes court reporter famous for marching in a national pro-abortion rally and delivering far-left screeds. Bill Moyers, of course, is the far-Left propagandist who has parlayed his journalistic activism into a publicly-funded slush fund.

Well, Harvard is training the next generation of liberal journalist/activists. Check out the Harvard Crimson newspaper report on the protest last night at Harvard against FBI director Robert Mueller. Look at who was protesting:

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) director Robert S. Mueller was interrupted by protestors last night, during a speech at the Institute of Politics’ John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum.

Mueller, who was set to speak before a full crowd managed by tight security detail, had just begun his prepared remarks when the first protestor interrupted with screams from the second floor.

“Freedom for political prisoners!” the protestor shouted. “Justice for Herman Bell!”

Just seconds after security escorted the woman out, more shouts resonated from within the audience.

“We will never forget the role of the FBI in McCarthyism!” screamed Michael A. Gould-Wartofsky ’07, who is also a Crimson editorial editor.

Two more students interrupted the speech with protests ranging from “stop the unconstitutional repression of the environment” to “close Guantanamo.”

The student protestors included Gould-Wartofsky, Kelly L. Lee ’07, and J. Claire Provost ’07, who is also a Crimson editor.

More on Gould-Wartofsky here. And Provost’s work here.

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A Blame America bonanza: Bill Moyers to "interview" Jeremiah Wright

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