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Hillary violates her own “Rutgers pledge” (language warning)

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 27, 2007 02:04 PM

Neeever mind…

Last week, Hillary Clinton issued what she called the “Rutgers pledge” in the wake of the Don Imus firing:

“Will you be willing to speak up and say, “Enough is enough,’ when women or minorities or the innocent or powerless are marginalized or denigrated?” Clinton said in her speech to about 700 people. “Will you say there’s no place — if there ever was, there certainly isn’t now — for disrespect or bigotry to be seen as funny?”

Despite condemning bigotry, misogyny, and disrespect, however, Hillary decided to guest-blog this week on one of the far Left’s most degrading and bigoted sites. The Hillary campaign was quite proud of the appearance. Mary Ann Akers and Danny Glover report:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton caused a minor stir this week with her guest-blogging appearance at Firedoglake, a site where one of the lead bloggers last year painted Sen. Joseph Lieberman in blackface before apologizing and removing the entry at the behest of Lieberman’s opponent.

Clinton, D-N.Y., posted an entry at Firedoglake on Tuesday to mark Equal Pay Day and to tout her legislation aimed at guaranteeing women the same pay as men when they do the same work. Clinton also briefly engaged the blog’s readers in the comments at the bottom of her post.

Mary Ann Akers, who writes The Sleuth blog for The Washington Post, reported that Democratic activists privately questioned Clinton’s decision to appear on Firedoglake because of the tarnished reputation of Jane Hamsher, one of its chief bloggers.

Last summer, while following Democrat Ned Lamont of Connecticut in his bid to unseat fellow Democrat Lieberman, Hamsher posted an image of Lieberman in blackface at The Huffington Post. Although Hamsher never worked in a paid capacity for Lamont’s campaign, she did produce a video for the campaign. Her close connections to Lamont prompted the campaign to contact her about the image.

She deleted it and apologized, but according to Akers, the incident is fresh enough in the minds of some Democrats that they think Clinton should have kept her distance from Firedoglake.

Hamsher’s blackface stunt is the tip of the iceberg.

Hamsher is the woman who criticized conservative author/commentator Kate O’Beirne as “sandpaper snatch” and who snarled “The bitch is dead meat.”

Hamsher’s blog is the site where one unhinged regular blogger (not a commenter, mind you, but a Hamsher-approved guest blogger…like Hillary) attacked Democrat Ellen Tauscher as a “prostitute” and applauded another blogger for calling her “a bribe-taking corporate whore and shit eater who has guaranteed herself a nasty primary in 2008.”

Hamsher’s blog is the site where another unhinged regular blogger referred to conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham as a “cunt,” which he later changed to “Bitch Troll From Hell.

What was that pledge again, Hillary? Oh, yeah:

Will you be willing to speak up and say, “Enough is enough,’ when women or minorities or the powerless are marginalized or degraded…

…Will you say there’s no place — if there ever was, there certainly isn’t now — for disrespect or bigotry to be seen as funny?

Ask Hillary to take her own pledge: Click for contact form.


FRC spotlights another case of Hillary violating her own pledge…by refusing to give back gobs of money raised by foul-mouthed rapper Timbaland:

Hat tip: Matt Lewis@Townhall.com

Ed Driscoll: Don Imus could not be reached for comment.


Meanwhile, Hillary tries to spin her bogus black-cent. She really thinks she’s good at this.

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