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The Jersey Jihadists–and more on the John Doe hero; another John Doe tipped off authorities separately; Gaffney: Congress must protect John Does

By Michelle Malkin  •  May 8, 2007 03:57 PM

Lots of interesting info and tidbits coming in on the Fort Dix terrorist plot, so I’m starting a new post.

Update: Clayton Cramer examines the gun law aspects of the case.

As mentioned this morning, the criminal complaint states that jihadi suspect Serdar Tatar delivered pizza to Fort Dix and that his family owned a pizza place near the base.

But Dan Riehl notes that one of the other suspects–or someone sharing the same name–also was a host at a pizza and pasta place in the area:


Update: A reader near Glassboro notes that the Dukas place, run by Muslim proprietors, closed down a few years ago.

My old hometown paper, the Atlantic City Press, has fresh details–including praise for the John Doe video store owner who called the feds:

Six men authorities described as radical Islamic terrorists arrested Monday night in Cherry Hill for planning to attack Fort Dix had also looked at Fort Monmouth, a federal building and a U.S. Coast Guard base in Philadelphia, and Dover Air Force base in Delaware.

Fort Dix may have chosen simply because one of the terrorists knew the base from delivering pizzas there.

“He delivered pizza to the base at Fort Dix regularly. He said he knew Fort Dix like the back of his hand. He drew a detailed map of Fort Dix from memory,” U.S. Attorney Christopher J. Christie said at a speech Tuesday to the Ocean City Regional Chamber of Commerce here at the Flanders Hotel…

…Christie called the camera shop owner that alerted federal authorities an American hero. The suspected terrorists had gone to the shop about 16 months ago to transfer training videos from video tape to DVD’s.

“The camera store owner saw Muslim men in military garb toting weapons in the woods. He heard them talking about jihad and how Allah was great. He called the FBI and became a hero,” Christie said.

If you see something, say something:

Christie used the camera shop owner to convince the 50 local merchants at the Tuesday luncheon to report suspicious activity. He said people have become too complacent about terrorism.

“If you see something suspicious pick up the phone and call local police or the FBI. The only stupid call is the call you don’t make. Imagine if the camera store owner didn’t call the FBI,” Christie said.

The A.C. Press has photos of the raid last night at the home of Jersey Jihadi suspect Agron Abdullahu at 218 Cains Mill Road in Buena Vista Township. Click for more:



Bio info on the Jersey Jihadists compiled by feds:

NAME: Mohamad Ibrahim Shnewer.
AGE: 22; Born in Jordan.
HOME: Cherry Hill, N.J.
OCCUPATION: Drives a cab in Philadelphia.

NAME: Dritan Duka.
AGE: 28; Born in the former Yugoslavia. Ethnic Albanian.
HOME: Cherry Hill, N.J.
IMMIGRATION STATUS: In United States illegally.
OCCUPATION: Operates Colonial Roofing and National Roofing, which list business address at the home of his brothers, Eljvir and Shain Duka.

NAME: Shain Duka.
AGE: 26; Born January 1981 in the former Yugoslavia. Ethnic Albanian.
LIVES: Cherry Hill, N.J.
IMMIGRATION STATUS: In United States illegally.
OCCUPATION: Operates roofing businesses with his brothers.

NAME: Eljvir Duka.
ALIASES: Elvis Duka, Sulayman.
AGE: 23; Born in the former Yugoslavia. Ethnic Albanian.
LIVES: Cherry Hill, N.J.
IMMIGRATION STATUS: In United States illegally.
OCCUPATION: Operates roofing businesses with his brothers.

NAME: Serdar Tatar.
AGE: 23; Born in Turkey.
HOME: Philadelphia.
IMMIGRATION STATUS: Legal U.S. resident.
OCCUPATION: Works at a 7-Eleven store in Philadelphia.

NAME: Agron Abdullahu.
AGE: 24; Born September 1982 in the former Yugoslavia. Ethnic Albanian.
LIVES: Buena Vista Township, N.J.
IMMIGRATION STATUS: Legal U.S. resident.
OCCUPATION: Works at a Shop-Rite supermarket.

Laura Mansfield
goes beyond the standard “Are they tied to al Qaeda or not?” talking head blather:

News media reports describe this morning’s terrorist suspects, who planned an attack on Ft. Dix, NJ, as homegrown with no ties to al Qaeda or any other international terrorist organization.

This isn’t surprising in the least.

It is very likely that this cell, like numerous others that have been uncovered in the past year, falls into the category of “Individual or Small Group Terrorism,” as espoused by the Al Qaeda ideologue Abu Mus-ab al Suri in his book “Call to Global Islamic Resistance”…

Read the whole thing.

Hat tip to Howie at My Pet Jawa, where they dub the phenomenon “al Qaeda 3.0.”


The Courier Post has an interview with someone who worked at Tatar’s father’s restaurant:

From Courier-Post reporter Carol Comegno at the Super Mario’s Italian Cuisine and Steakhouse, Wrightstown-Cookstown Road, Wrightstown.

Super Mario’s chef Joseph Hosslinger, 35, of Browns Mills, said that in the eight months he has worked at the restaurant, he never saw Serdar Tatar, one of the men arrested in the alleged terrorist plot, deliver a pizza.

Tatar is the son of the restaurant’s owner, Muslim Tatar.

He said the son didn’t work at the restaurant and would only occasionally stop by.

Hosslinger said the father is from Turkey and is very westernized…

Related: Frank Gaffney reports on the movement to intimidate John Doe heroes:

On the Amtrak train to New York a few minutes ago, the conductor announced, “If you see anything suspicious, please report it to the authorities immediately.” If Islamist-front organizations like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and its friends in Congress have their way, however, this sensible, prudential announcement will have to be amended: “Be advised: If you do make such a report, you may be sued.”

Could it really come to this? It could, if the Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives gets away with an effort to deep-six legislation approved last month with the support of 109 of their caucus’ members.

According to a Republican memo circulated before the vote, that legislation is designed to ensure that “any person that voluntarily reports suspicious activity — anything that could be a threat to transportation security” will be granted immunity from civil liability for the disclosure.” It “authorizes courts to award attorneys’ fees to defendants with immunity” and would apply retroactively to activities that took place on or after November 20, 2006.

That date is significant, of course, since it was the day when six Arizona-based Muslim clerics were removed in Minneapolis from an aircraft operated by US Air. The deplaning occurred after fellow passengers did what my conductor urged those on his train to do: They reported suspicious behavior…

… it serves CAIR’s purposes to portray Muslims as victims. Imams who behave suspiciously are victims. And other Muslims who fail to report their victimhood are undermining the efforts CAIR and its ilk are making to secure not just equal treatment under the law but special rights (e.g., designated prayer rooms, cleansing facilities, Muslim-only hours for school gyms, etc.) In the process, they are inuring this democracy to the encroachment of a religious code known as shari’a law and the parallel society the Islamists seek to establish here, as elsewhere, enroute to the creation of Islamic states.

It is against this backdrop that Congress must enact legislation to protect “John Does” and, thereby, to protect us all. It is unacceptable that the Democratic leadership is seeking to prevent such an outcome through parliamentary sleight-of-hand – by keeping the public in the dark about the make-up and timing of the conference committee that will hammer out differences between the House-passed legislation, which includes such protection, and the Senate bill that does not.

Every effort should be made to encourage our countrymen to report suspicious activities – which may prove to be the difference between life and death for large numbers of us. And every effort at odds with that duty must be exposed to the harshest scrutiny and most vigorous opposition.


In addition to the video store owner, another John Doe called authorities after observing the Jersey Jihadists shooting in the Poconos:

A local marksman remembers the guys with the AK-47s as “bad shots.”

Randy Swiden, 59, said he remembers the Russian-speaking men were shooting with 20-round clips rather than the typical three-round clips. They were shooting at 50-yard targets, packs of paper plates and milk jugs, and were missing.

Suspicious activity at a public shooting range in Monroe County led an official from the state game commission to tip authorities on what turned out to be an alleged terror plot to attack Fort Dix in New Jersey.

“(The men arrested Monday) allegedly used our rifle range in the Gouldsboro area to train in some tactics,” said Tim Conway of the game commission in a phone interview today. “We did recognize a few things awhile back and reported that to the appropriate authorities.”

Flashback: “I am John Doe.”


Terrorist plot in Cherry Hill, NJ; illegal aliens among alleged plotters;
a John Doe turned them in; press conference at 2:30pm Eastern;
Fort Dix has been a refuge for ethnic Albanians; details from the complaint;
Dix responds

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