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WaPo weasel disses milbloggers

By Michelle Malkin  •  May 24, 2007 02:47 PM

You remember WaPo blogger William “obscene amenities” Arkin. Well, he’s at it again–this time taking a swipe at milbloggers:

…The MilBloggers got an extra boost of attention after the news about the Army’s “crackdown” on blogs, with the overheated claim that the new operations security (OPSEC) and bandwidth rules cut off soldiers from their families and restricting people’s freedoms. An extra boost from whom, you ask? From the mainstream media they so seemingly despise…

Blackfive responds:

We don’t despise the mainstream media, Bill.

We. Just. Despise. You.

John Noonan at Op-For lays the smackdown:

We don’t simply “despise” the media like [a] bunch of uneducated racists. Or like Arkin despises the military. We back-slap when the MSM gets it right, we criticize when they get it wrong. It’s that simple.

But thank you to Arkin for providing us with a clear example of the type of drivel that we so forcefully counteract. Arkin was the only established MSM type to write on the conference without actually attending. It’s easy to have such an uninformed opinion when you’re too lazy to do the legwork, I suppose.

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