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Question for Virgin Atlantic Airlines customers

By Michelle Malkin  •  May 29, 2007 06:01 PM

A reader e-mails that a passenger she knows rode on Virgin Atlantic Airlines Flight 001 from London to NYC on May 20th. Despite publicly declaring on May 3 that it would stop showing the 9/11 crockumentary “Loose Change 2,” the airline is apparently still making it available. The passenger registered his complaint with the flight crew.

Any other Virgin Atlantic Airlines customers have a similar experience? If the announcement that it was pulling the film was just a cheap p.r. ploy, Virgin Airlines should come clean.


Update: Reader S. writes…

I flew Virgin Atlantic Flight 01 from LHR to EWR on Sunday 27 May. Loose Change is still in the program book for onboard entertainment (May 07) – I almost vomited just seeing it in print (FYI, it’s featured very prominently in the guide). I didn’t try to run the show, so I can’t confirm or deny whether it’s still in the system (I regret not trying now), but if Virgin was determined to really remove it, they should’ve printed new entertainment guides

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