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Spelling words of the day

By Michelle Malkin  •  May 31, 2007 10:45 PM

I let my daughter stay up past her bedtime to watch the Scripps National Spelling Bee with me. Great show! Danville, Calif. speller Evan O’Dorney clinched the title with “serrefine.” Funny kid. He made a point in his victory interview of pooh-poohing the spelling bee in favor of his greater loves: music and math.

Our favorite competitor was the spunky Isabel Jacobson of Madison, Wisconsin. She was the final surviving girl in the field and came in third after stumbling on “cyanophycean.” In her video profile, she mentioned her favorite words–words that will come in handy as the shamnesty debate heads to full boil:

Kallikak“–stupid person.

Kakistocracy“–“Rule by the least-able or least-principled of citizens…a form of government in which the people least qualified to control the government are the people who control the government.”

Speaking of kallikaks, Hillary Clinton’s people could use a few lessons from the Spelling Bee kids (hat tip: Freepers).


Pop quiz, Hillary: How do you spell…



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