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Breaking: Flaming car rams U.K. airport; arrests made

By Michelle Malkin  •  June 30, 2007 12:45 PM

I said it yesterday: Jihadis never sleep. Here we go again: Two men rammed a flaming sport utility vehicle into the main terminal of Glasgow airport Saturday, crashing into the glass doors at the entrance and sparking a fire, witnesses said. Police said two suspects were arrested. The airport — Scotland’s largest — was evacuated […]

Recall Mel Martinez

By Michelle Malkin  •  June 30, 2007 10:32 AM

The shamnesty backlash begins.

The Pinko Blogburst

By Michelle Malkin  •  June 30, 2007 10:15 AM

Henry Gomez at Babalu Blog led an anti-socialist blogburst this week to counter Michael Moore’s anti-American, pro-Cuban health care crockumentary. Claudia 4 Libertad strikes back: Ask any Cuban who has recently left the island (because they can’t talk freely about this inside of Cuba) about their health care system and they will tell you that […]

Laughing at Islamic Rage Boy

By Michelle Malkin  •  June 29, 2007 12:15 PM

Mockery is the best medicine.

In the No-Spin Zone tonight

By Michelle Malkin  •  June 29, 2007 11:12 AM

Set your Tivos.

Terror scare in Piccadilly Circus: Two linked vehicles, two explosive devices

By Michelle Malkin  •  June 29, 2007 09:19 AM

Scroll for updates. 3:48pm Eastern update. Peter Clark, head of anti-terrorist command, is giving a press conference to announce the discovery of the second explosive device and second vehicle. Similar materials found in second car as in first Mercedes–fuel, “substantial quantity of nails.” 3:31pm Eastern update. New developments…2nd explosive device found, also in Mercedes…Accomplice of […]

Another Democrat yakfest: Howard U. debate yields important info–Biden and Obama have been tested for AIDS Update: Obama more fizzle than sizzle?

By Michelle Malkin  •  June 28, 2007 08:32 PM

Debate at Howard University: Watch as the Dem candidates try to out-diversity one another. Update: Hillary Clinton’s Selma accent is showing. Update: Joe Biden announces he got tested for AIDS and announces that he knows that Obama got tested for AIDS. Obama miffed. Update: Time to out-Katrina each other!

A new attack ad: Meet Senator Switchback

By Michelle Malkin  •  June 28, 2007 04:27 PM

Smile, Sen. Switchback. You’re on YouTube! Plus: The open-borders Wall Street Journal puts on a tinfoil hat. Update: The WSJ gets a bloggy ribbing and takes off its tinfoil hat.

Democrat AG will prosecute notorious abortionist

By Michelle Malkin  •  June 28, 2007 03:51 PM

Abortion doctor George “The Killer” Tiller charged with 19 misdemeanor counts. Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison: “It’s my job to enforce the law.”

Fairness Doctrine Watch: Pence on the House floor…amendment accepted…Rep. Obey derides talk radio and “yap-yap TV;” “Let right-wing talk radio go on just as it is now. Rush and Sean are just about as important in the scheme of things as Paris Hilton.” Update: Amendment passes!

By Michelle Malkin  •  June 28, 2007 02:03 PM

House GOP members push for broadcaster fairness. Rep. Kirk: The Fairness Doctrine is “so 20th century.” Tom Price: “Let’s keep the Fairness Doctrine off our airwaves and in the history books where it belongs.” Amendment appears to pass by voice vote…recorded vote put off…