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Anti-war educators exploit The Children in the name of peace

By Michelle Malkin  •  June 1, 2007 07:33 PM

Ready to gag? Check out this nursery school video from NYC, in which three-year-old toddlers are used as props for an anti-war protest at a local politician’s office. The video is at NYPress politics blog:


That green construction-paper thingie that looks like it’s about to devour the two little boys is a “Tree of Peace.” The NYPress explains:

The handmade tree, crafted by 17 children during pre-school class time, was a statement against American troops remaining in Iraq and a call to pursue peaceful paths to end all world conflicts. This gift, however, seemed more like a Trojan horse, designed to gain an invitation inside so that the children’s far-left leaning parents could rail against the war and the congressman’s initial vote in support of it.

Allah recounts several other examples of Left-Wing Political Child Abuse.

I’ve got one more fresh one.

Lisa dePasquale reports that a fifth-grade teacher at Soldotna Elementary School in Soldotna, Alaska “recently sent a brightly colored letter signed by her students that said, ‘Bring our soldiers home! They are our family.'” Lisa blogs:

The letter was forwarded to me by a staffer who received it in the DC office of a Congressman from another state. One can only assume that similar letters were sent to other congressional offices. Given that the students only had to sign their name, there is no educational value in this note to a congressional office from another state. It’s clearly a political message that’s being sent by the teacher on taxpayers’ dime.

Click over to Human Events for the full-size image:


Now, imagine the uproar if a public school teacher forced her students to sign and send letters with camouflage that said: “We support the troops–and their mission. They are our family.” or “No retreat, no surrender!”

Oh, here’s a reminder about what the jihadis are teaching their kiddies:



Flashback: Here’s my column from 2003 on Seattle’s attempt to poison preschoolers’ minds against the Blue Angels.

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